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How To Fix Bent Burberry Sunglasses

Let's face it, our beloved sunglasses are often more than just functional – they're a statement. And if they're Burberry, they're a declaration of style and a little sprinkle of luxury on our daily lives. So what happens when these designer shades get bent out of shape? Do you panic? Do you start picturing a future squinting against the blinding sun, feeling vulnerable without your stylish shield?

Fear not! Like the phoenix rising from its ashes, your sunglasses too can be restored. We're embarking on a DIY journey to straighten those crooked frames and let the world see your coolness, undistorted!


Understanding the Problem

The Anatomy of a Sunglass

Ever thought of sunglasses as just another accessory? Think again. They're a masterpiece of design, marrying form and function.

What's It Made Of?

Typically, they comprise:

  • The Frame: This could be plastic, metal or a combo.
  • The Lenses: These come in various materials and shades.
  • The Screws: Tiny but mighty, holding everything together.
  • The Nose Pads: Little cushions for your nose.


How Do They Get Bent?

Now, how in the world did those posh sunglasses get bent?

  • Sat on them? Classic move. We've all been there.
  • Dropped them? Gravity, our ever-present nemesis.
  • Shoved them into a bag carelessly? Guilty as charged.

Understanding the cause helps in the rectification process. If you sat on them, the damage might be more pronounced. Dropped them? The nose pads or arms might be skewed.


The Fixing Game

Gather Your Tools

Before you channel your inner craftsman, ensure you have the right weapons, err... tools!



Let's Straighten Up!

For Plastic Frames

Ever tried to reshape a piece of cold cheese? Nope, it crumbles. But warm it up, and it's malleable. The same goes for plastic frames.

  • Warm It Up: Using your hairdryer, gently warm the bent area of the frame for about 20-30 seconds.
  • Reshape: With your rubber gloves on, gently bend the frame back to its original shape.
  • Cool It Down: Once you've achieved the desired shape, hold it in place and let it cool.


For Metal Frames

Metal, unlike its plastic counterpart, doesn't require warmth to be bent. It just needs a little persuasion.

  • Grip It: With your rubber gloves on, grasp the bent part of the frame.
  • Bend Gently: Apply steady pressure to reshape the frame. Easy does it – you don’t want to break them!


Fine-Tuning the Details

Nose Pads Adjustments

Feel like your glasses are giving you a crooked look? It might be the nose pads.

  • Check Symmetry: Lay your sunglasses on a flat surface and check if they sit level.
  • Tweak Them: Use your fingers or the micro-screwdriver to gently adjust the nose pads until they're symmetrical.


Tighten the Screws

The tiny screws can often be the unsung heroes or hidden culprits.

  • Examine: Check for any loose screws.
  • Tighten: With your micro-screwdriver, tighten them up but not too tight!


Prevention is Better Than Cure

Taking Care of Your Burberry Shades

It's a beautiful world through those Burberry lenses, isn't it? Here's how to keep it that way.

Safe Storage

Remember, just like a diamond needs its velvet box, your sunglasses crave their case.

Gentle Handling

Treat them like the piece of art they are. Always use both hands when wearing or removing them.

Regular Check-ups

Just as you'd go to the dentist to prevent cavities, regularly inspect your sunglasses for signs of wear and tear.



We've traveled through the sunglasses realm, decoded its anatomy, delved deep into its rectification, and emerged enlightened on its care. Remember, with a bit of patience and the right tools, you can restore your bent Burberry sunglasses to their original glory. And in the future, a little more care will ensure they remain your stylish companion for years to come. After all, isn't it wonderful to see the world in its full splendor, framed by those iconic Burberry edges?