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How To Tell If Oakley Holbrooks Are Fake? - Guide

Five Ways to Verify Authenticity

Some fake Oakley Holbrooks are really good. They are so good that they can pass as the real thing.

Unsuspecting customers are being ripped off, paying a premium for counterfeit Holbrooks.

This price is not as high as the one you will see on Oakley's site or other trusted sites. It's not too low to be suspicious.

They charge between $40-$70. They charge just enough to convince you they are real, but not enough to make it seem like you are getting a great deal.

We searched for counterfeits being sold as genuine. Below are some details to verify Holbrooks authenticity.

Double-check everything and you will be able to identify fake Oakley Holbrooks.


1. Look out for OO9102

SKU stands Stock Keeping Unit and is the product's service identification code. Oakley Holbrooks almost always begins with OO9102, the exception being some collector's editions.

These are not zeros at their beginning - they are double Os, the letter. The Os should have a different shape to the zero following the "91" in the SKU.

Many counterfeiters are using real SKUs but these fraudsters use zeros instead.

Not all Holbrooks will be marked with a SKU. They could be replacements for warranty, customized Holbrooks or numbers that have worn out.


2. Double-check the SKU in a search engine

Oakley Holbrook's SKU format should look something like this: OO9102 -##. As mentioned above, the OO9102 indicates that it is a Holbrook. The colorway (frame or lens combination) is specified by the 2 numbers following the dash.

Your Holbrooks should have "OO9102-01" sunglasses. If so, then you will need to get Matte Black sunglasses with silver Oakley icons. The frames will have grey lenses if you bought them from an authorized dealer.

Third-party sellers who are legitimate do sell genuine Oakley frames with aftermarket lenses. So, different colors of lenses are not necessarily a red flag. Trustworthy sellers will be able to see the aftermarket lenses listed.

The fake Oakleys manufacturers are now putting real SKUs on the counterfeits. The SKU of the counterfeit Oakleys is often not the same as the real thing

A frame may have "OO9102-01" written on its arm. This means that you need a matte-black frame. It should not be any other color.

This can be checked by entering the SKU in a search engine to see which pair Oakley Holbrooks are returned as the main result.


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3. Verify the specifications of the frame

The frame size is usually located on the inside of most eyewear. These measurements include the diameter of your lens, followed by the width of the bridge in millimeters. It can often look like this: 55-18

Oakley doesn't use a dash in order to separate the two numbers. It doesn't use a square.

The Oakley Holbrook frame specs can be separated by the elliptical Oakley O.

Standard Oakley Holbrook specifications are 55-18. Specifications for Asian Fit Holbrook are 56-17. These measurements should not be compared with any other numbers.


4. The font of Holbrook is comparable to a certified stamp.

It might be difficult to compare the two without doing so in person, so grab a magnifying lens and examine the "Holbrook stamp" on the temple's left side.

The fake Holbrooks font is slightly lighter in the example. Take a look at the "Os" to get an idea of how they compare.

Genuine Holbrooks have thicker "O"s on the sides, and narrower ones at the top and bottom. The inside of the "O", instead of being a perfect circle from the inside out, is more like an oval.

The fakes have the O being round both on the outside as well as the inside.


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5. Take a look at the icons within the arms

Real Oakley Holbrooks have O icons that aren't flush with the arm. Both the outside edges and inside of the O sit higher than the plane of an ear stem.

Fake Oakleys can be inconsistent with icons. The icon will be flush to the ear stem. However, the O's inside won't be indented or the icon may not be level.

We compared 2 pairs of fake Oakleys. The top of each icon protruded out, while the bottom tilted inward.


Fake products can be easily identified as fake. The counterfeiter isn’t trying to hard. They know they are fake, you know it, and $10 is all you have to pay for your fake Foakleys.

If the seller claims they are real, then the quality may seem acceptable. But, if you have doubts about authenticity, keep in mind that the devil is in all the details.