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Coach Newbase dispenses with Formal and Casual Looks For Men

Are you looking for a new Coach handbag or purse? Are you confused of what to buy from the huge collection of Coach purses? There are good and bad reasons to buy a Coach purse. If you are looking for a purse that is formal and casual at the same time, such as the New Base by Coach, you may want to shop around and buy the best one on offer.

So what is so great about the New Base by Coach? For being an affordable brand, this bag is of exceptional standard. It is a hundred percent genuine leather, possesses an excellent color combination, and it looks beautiful on any events. The bag carries an erasure code of 252802 which you may either use on the store or exchange it within 24 hours of purchase. The New Base by Coach proves to be a reliable purse by being easy to maintain. You will not worry about it not keeping up with your trends because it is durable and very functional.

The bag is a combination of leather and patent leather and is available in different colors. The most common ones are black, red and wine. If you like a small bag that is neither too casual nor too formal, you may go in for the clutch bag which is its smaller copy.

It is important to note that the New Base by Coach is a large purse and is available at all shell sizes. It measures 16.5"long, 6.5"high and 5.5"wide so that it is large enough to carry your basic items. The bag has two sections and is not compartmentalized. The front section is where you store the main front section of the bag where the zipper starts from and finishes at the top of the bag where the outside of the bag begins.

The second section is accessible from the top side. It is called the Inline pocket and is longer than the main compartment zipper. There is a coin pocket inside the Inline pocket and a connected hanger provides shoulder strap support. There are two more shell access pockets on the backside.

There are various types of New Bses. The " Turbo Print" one is the smallest with a size of 12.5"long, 7.5"high and 0.5" width. If you are smaller or larger the Turbo Print can be of some use to you. All New Bses have the unique movement finish on the edge of the bag which drives me crazy on how to describe it. It literally has the look of marble sculptor.

The third model is the New papers bag which is almost exactly the same as the New Base but the material is shinier and the word "Malia" is placed on the front of the bag. I guess the name somehow evoked the youthfulness of the bag. It measures 15.9"long, 7.9"high and 3.1"wide so that it is big enough to carry your lunch or carry to the gym. In contrast to the New Base, the New papers has two color screen-printed straps.

The fourth New Bses model is the New Legacy bag. This bag has a size of 19"long, 9.5"high and 5.5"wide so that it is large enough to accommodate your documents, file folders and laptops. The New Legacy is crafted from cowhide leather. The bag has a New brass mimic logo design placed on its front and has a front flap pocket. It has two New inner patch pockets with Periiese symbol and a zippered inside back pocket.

The last one is the New Radigan bag which is about 19.9"long, 9.9"high and 1.1"wide. This Radigan bag is really a hassle to carry as it is so long and wide. I guess the intended purpose of such a bag is to make the bag itself bigger than the person carrying it since its own weight would not be an issue. The New Radigan bag has internal flap pockets on the inside of the bag which provides a place for the user to put her personal items.

All in all, I feel the prices of the Coach New Bses mid range bags range from the $700, $900 to the $1000 and so on. It is comfortably priced so far. After all, these bags are only offered at certain outlets. For Coach New Bses collections at department stores, you will have to pay at least $ 1000 and so in Indonesia upward trends are changing the price Legend.

All in all, it is worth your money and time to check out the new line of trendy wallets by Coach, especially if you are sporty in mind. By doing that you may chance upon a bag that suits you the best!