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Adjusting Your Glasses & Sunglasses - Guide

A new pair of sunglasses or glasses may need to be adjusted in order to fit properly. You may also find your glasses loosening or misaligned from normal daily wear. This guide will show you how to adjust your frames' arms and nose pads without the need for any special equipment. Are glasses too loose or crooked on the face?


Make adjustments

Problem: The glasses are too loose

You can loosen your glasses by heating them up a bit and bending the arms towards one another at the bend near your ear.

Problem: The glasses are too crooked

If your glasses are too crooked (lens is higher on one side), heat the frame and bend the arms down on the lowest side. This should be done at the hinge, or near the bend by your ear, where the frame is most adjustable.

Are glasses too low or pinching the nose?

Adjust the nose pads


Problem: Your glasses are too low

Use your thumb and finger to adjust your nose pads until they are comfortable. This may be necessary if your progressive lenses' distance section bifocals are too high or too close to your eyes.

Problem: The glasses are pinching my nose

Use your thumb and finger to move the nose pads towards your nose until they are comfortable. This may be necessary if your progressive lenses distance sections are too long or too high/