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Are Ray-Ban Sunglasses Lenses Able To Be Replaced?

Yes!  New lenses can replace old lenses that are damaged or scratched. Companies offer hundreds of lenses online, including vintage and out-of-production lenses, as well as lenses that you won't find elsewhere.

Installing your lenses at home is easy without causing damage to your frames. You can easily upgrade your Ray-Ban sunglasses by installing new lenses of premium quality.

You can easily change your lenses in a matter of minutes and save a lot of money on new Ray-Ban sunglasses.

It doesn't matter if your old lenses have been scratched or are damaged or if you want to change the color of your Ray-Ban sunglasses with a new shade, it is easy to replace them.



In the 1930s, airplane technology improved and pilots could fly longer and higher distances. The US Air Force pilots were first to use glasses with green lenses to reduce the glare and not interfere with their vision. This is the birth of Aviators. Soon, the general public wanted the same high-performance sunglasses as the pilots. Ray-Ban was then popularized by the pop culture and no longer worn primarily by military personnel.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer was featured in movies like Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961), and Rebel Without a Cause (1996). Wayfarer was also featured in later movies, such as Blue Brothers (1980), and Risky Business (1983).


Ray-Ban Clubmaster was also seen with Tim Roth (1992), and Denzel Washington (1992). Ray-Ban Predator in Men in Black (1997), Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith both starred in Ray-Ban Shooter. Johnny Depp was also seen in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (191998).

Ray-Ban was under the control of Bausch & Lomb and was close to extinction when Luxottica bought it out in 1998. Ray-Ban's quality declined in the 1990s. Ray-Ban used outdated tools and frames that were too fragile. They became "gas station glasses". They were able to quickly recover and Ray-Ban is one of the most well-known brands of sunglasses worldwide.