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Are Sunglasses Recyclable?

Yes, you can recycle sunglasses. If you want to recycle your broken sunglasses, make sure they are made of different materials. These can be plastic, wood, metal, and other mixed or fused materials. 

Despite the fact that your sunglasses may appear to be made from plastic, hinges and screws made of metal are almost always used. You should always separate the pieces and take out the lenses to properly dispose of them in the appropriate recycle bins.

Why not recycle your sunglasses?

Did you ever think about what happens to sunglasses that are lost or damaged? They are thrown in the trash and never seen again. Imagine the number of Ray-Ban Aviators and Wayfarers that are there. We all need to take a stand against the disposable nature of the industry with over 1 Billion pairs sold annually. Take a moment to consider the environmental effects of sunglasses on the planet and the alternative options. There are many people who could use our help.


What can you do with your old sunglasses?

While sunglasses can be recycled, as we have already mentioned, there are other options.

Give them away

Don't forget to donate your glasses and sunglasses to charity! Many charities offer recycling programs that allow you to donate your used sunglasses. The Lions Club is a worldwide organization that offers a Recycle 4 Sight program. They are free to recycle the eyeglasses and give them away to those in need. It's a wonderful way to make someone's life easier!

These items can be sold

Your old sunglasses can be sold as long as they're in good condition. You can check your local thrift shops or use online platforms such as eBay, Facebook, and Instagram. It's possible to get a few dollars for the nice sunglasses you don't want anymore, but someone else will.

New sunglass lenses as good as new

You can try to remove scratches from your lenses if you're able (although this is not something we recommend), or replace your sunglass lenses with newer ones. This will extend the life of your sunglasses.