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Best Lenses For Fishers And Fishing

A 3-weight fly rod is not the best choice to cast in a headwind. However, it's just as important to have your eyes properly equipped. The best lens for your light level will sharpen your focus and enhance the details that you need to get your line where the fish are.

Polarized Emerald Green

Bright Light Lens

Polarized Rogue green is a great choice for fly fishermen and anglers who need to see more below the waterline. It cuts through the glare making it easier to spot fish, navigate rapids or wade rocky streambeds. The 88% visible light blockage ensures your eyes stay open in bright light and the enhanced contrast ensures that no details are lost in dark areas.

Repel Water + backside anti-reflection performance coatings shed sweat and water, and prevent glare from reflecting back into your eyes.

Polarized Ice Blue

Bright Light Lens

Ice Blue is optimized for deep sea fishing in bright light. It filters out the blue light which dominates ocean environments. This intensifies color contrast and sharpens details, so nothing is lost to sea. Its precision polarization blocks 99% of glare so you can see beyond the surface of water.

Repel Salt Water repels salt corrosion and sheds water. Backside Anti-Reflection prevents glare from bouncing back into the eyes, so you can catch your next fish.

Polarized Flash Bronze

Medium Light Lens

Flash Bronze is ideal for changing light conditions and when the clouds are moving quickly. Flashes of MirrorShield(r), which blocks any flashes of sunlight, provide essential comfort for fishing. The amber tint blocks blue light and polarization cuts through glare to give you a clear picture of the fish at the other end.

Repel Water + backside Anti Reflection performance coatings cause water tackling and rolling off. This keeps distracting glare out of your eyes and prevents it from bouncing back into them.