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Best Sunglasses For All Face Sizes And Shapes

Sunglasses can be made to fit all types of faces. Matching your face shape and frame shape is the key to finding sunglasses that fit well. Don't worry if this sounds painful. We can help you find the right glasses for you, no matter if you have a round or oval face.

For beginners, here's some information: There are four basic face shapes. Each shape has common traits.


  • Broad jawline
  • You will notice more angular features in your jaw, cheekbones, forehead and cheekbones.
  • Round or semi-rimless sunglasses can balance a prominent jawline and square face.


  • Proper proportions. A more balanced jaw and forehead.
  • A tapered jawline, slightly defined cheekbones and a long face.
  • For oval faces, a square, round, or boldly geometric frame like aviator or oversized sunglasses is the best.


  • The forehead height and width are approximately equal. Weaker angles are accompanied by slightly larger cheekbones.
  • Your face will appear longer if you have a horizontal or rectangular frame.


  • The forehead is the largest and the jaw and chin the narrowest.
  • A heart-shaped face and high cheekbones.
  • Because they enhance your appearance and make you look more elegant, low profile glasses frames work well for heart-shaped eyes.