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Broken Sunglasses? How To Fix Broken Sunglasses - Guide

It's not the worst thing to have your sunglasses broken or no longer fit correctly. You can fix your sunglasses at-home with these easy options.


1. Screw Tightening

If your sunglasses are not fitting properly, you can tighten the screws holding the top and bottom of the frame tightly around your lenses with an online optical screwdriver. This should be done regularly as they can become loose over time.


2. Arm Adjustment

You will need to heat the plastic to adjust the arms of a pair plastic frames. You don't want to damage your expensive frames so we recommend taking them to an optometrist. If the sunnies aren’t too valuable, you might just have to say goodbye.

It is much easier to attach metal frames than plastic. These guys only need a flat surface, a soft cloth, and some pliers. Place a soft cloth over the frames and clamp the pliers on it. Make small adjustments to the bend of the arm by bending it back. Lay your frames upside-down on a flat surface and adjust until they are flat.


3. Lens Cleanse

A simple cleaning can sometimes remove a small smudge or line from your lens. You can clean your lens with soap and water. Give it a dry finish and polish with a cloth.


4. Buy Replacement Lenses

You can replace sunglass lenses that are cracked or damaged with high-quality lenses.