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Can You Put Prescription Lenses On Any Frame?

Are my frames suitable for prescription re-lensing?

You're here because you want to know which sunglasses or glasses frames would be best for your new set of prescription lenses. We know a lot about this topic so we'll help you understand it.

The frame shape can have a significant impact on whether we are able to replace lenses. Here are some frames that will support new prescription lenses.

  • Semi-Rimless and Rimless
  • Sports/Wrap Frames
  • Metal frames (with screws to remove lenses)
  • Safety goggles (dual-lens)
  • Wooden Frames
  • Drill Mounts (most styles eligible)
  • Clip-on frames / Frames with clip-On
  • Vintage frames


We cannot re-lens frame types.

These frame types are not acceptable for replacement lenses.


  • Frames with Horn-Rimmed Material (made from horn material).
  • Shield Lenses (single, one-piece lens)
  • Metal frames without lens release screws