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Fixing Scratched Lenses On Glasses - Guide

These are some tips to help remove scratches from your glasses lenses.

There are few things in life that are more irritating than a scratched lens on your sunglasses. This is especially true if it's directly in your eyes and distracts from your task. Although the scratch may be very small and minor, it can have a significant impact on your ability to see at critical moments. We have 5 must-know tips that will help you get rid of those scratches quickly.


Tip #1: Toothpaste

This is a great trick because everyone has toothpaste so you can quickly eliminate any scratch. Apply a little toothpaste to some cotton wool, and buff the area. Toothpaste can be used to quickly treat minor scratches. However, if the scratch is more severe you might need to repeat the process several times.

RDA (Radioactive Dentin Abrasiveness), measures abrasiveness. Anything below 70-80, is considered low. Avoid advanced products like whitening and plaque removal to find low-abrasive toothpaste. You can try Arm & Hammer Dental Care Sensitive (48% RDA), Weleda Children's Tooth Gel (45% RDA), Rembrandt Mint (63/63 RDA), Colgate Sensitive Max Strength (83 RDA), Colgate Total (70% RDA), Colgate Total (70RDA), Colgate Regular (68RDA), Sensodyne (79RDA) as suitable toothpastes.


Tip #2: Baking Soda

It's best not to use toothpaste if you aren't sure if it is non-abrasive. You don't want it to scratch your glasses. Baking soda works the same way and is another useful household item you can find easily around your house.

You don't have to be a baker to get it. It can be picked up at most corner shops. It has a low abrasion rating (only 7 RDA), making it a safe product to use on your lenses. Simply add water to make a paste, then rub the paste onto your lenses with a non-scratchable cloth. You can wash it off and do another coat if needed.


Tip #3 – Metal Polish

This video will show you how to polish your glasses using two simple household products, metal polish or rubbing alcohol.

Use a low-abrasive polish to remove any scratches. It will take some time to polish the product so be patient! After you have finished cleaning the product, use a cotton bud for rubbing alcohol application.


Tip #4 – Car cleaning wax

If you have scratches or need to quickly fix them, car wax might be a good option. You should apply the wax to your lenses. It will "fill in" any scratches and smoothen them over.


Tip #5: Glass Etching Cream

You can try glass etching products if none of the household items above work. This product is not effective on plastic lenses. Prescription glasses and reading glasses are the most common use of this product. Hydrofluoric Acid, which is an active ingredient in glass etching creams, helps to remove the plastic's outer coating and buff off the scratch.

This is not recommended for use on glasses lenses.


Risk Notice:
These are great tips that can save your life and provide a quick fix. However, we advise you to use them at your own risk. Ask your optician or glasses manufacturer for clarification if in doubt.