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How Do I Find My Ray-Ban Serial Number? What Does Ray Ban Numbers In Arm Mean?

How can I tell which Ray-Ban model is mine?

To identify Ray-Ban's model number Ray Ban, we first need to locate the serial number on the temple or arm. After identifying the model number, you will find RBXXXXX this will be your model Ray-Ban.


How do you identify the frame color on your Ray-Ban glasses

We will locate a 3- to 4-digit code, which is preceded by the Ray-Ban number. This is your frame's color code. This is very important! This number indicates the color of the front or frame of the glasses.If the front of the glasses are black, and the temples red, this is an example. This model's color name is BLACK, not RED.


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How do you identify the color of your Ray-Ban sunglasses' lenses?

Sometimes, the frame color code is preceded sometimes by this symbol /. Other times, it's attached to the Frame Code and other times there is no Code.

FRAMECOLOR / XX -> The color code for our lens is XX.

FRAME COORXX -> The color code for our lens is XX.

ONLY FRAME CODE -> Our lens color is G15 (Green) or B15 (Brown)


How do you identify the size of your Ray-Ban sunglasses' lens?

It is easy to find this number because it lies between a square and XXYY. The lens' gauge or width will be determined by the XX number. What is the YY number? This is the bridge width in millimeters.


How do you identify the size of your Ray-Ban glasses' temples?

The serial number of Ray-Ban's Ray-Ban model is 3 numbers before the temple size. This number, which is measured in millimeters, refers to the length of the arms.


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