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How Do I Find Oakley Serial Number?

How can I identify which Oakley model it is and the color of its parts? To identify your Oakley serial number, you first need to look at the stem's series of numbers. Here's how it works!


How do you identify an Oakley model?

To get to know the Oakley model, the first thing to do is to find the rod that has the serial number. Once you have the rod in your hand, you will see that the nomenclature starts with OOXXXX. This is the Oakley model.


How can I find out the color of my Oakley frame's Oakley frame?

It is easy to determine the frame color by looking at the numbers immediately after the dash.


How can I find the color of the Oakley lens

These numbers are added to the frame color to determine the color of the lens.


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How can I find the size of my Oakley lens?

The next two numbers after the color on the temple are the size of the lens.


How can I determine the size of my Oakley stem?

The stem size refers to the last number on your stem. You can choose from different sizes, so make sure you have the right length to ensure your glasses don't fall off.