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How Do You Change The Lenses On Ray-Bans?

Our Ray-Bans' lenses, or eyeglass lenses, are most susceptible to damage. It is the area that is most visible in our glasses. It can cause permanent discomfort in our eyes and make it very difficult to see people wearing glasses with damaged lenses. Today we show you how to change the lenses or eyeglass lenses of your Ray-Bans.


How to change the lenses on your Ray-Bans


Metal Frames

  1. To change your Ray-Bans' lenses, you will need a precision screwdriver. If possible, a pair or tweezers. (Picking tiny screws with your hands can prove very cumbersome.
  2. Metal frames usually have two screws. There are two screws in a metal frame: one for the lenses and one for the temples. To remove the lens screws, place the frames on a smooth surface. The temple screws in the Aviator and Round models must be slightly loosen.
  3. After the screws are removed, it is best to keep them in a safe place.
  4. Turn the screw.
  5. Voila! Our lens has been changed!

Frames For Acatate:

  1. To change the crystals or lenses of your Ray-Ban, heat a bowl water.
  2. Because acetate frames can be malleable at high temperatures we insert the lens in the bowl.
  3. After letting it cool for 10 seconds, we move our thumbs towards the outside of the lens. To prevent lenses from breaking or deteriorating, we always use a chamois.
  4. You can replace the lens by putting the frame back in hot water. Now we reverse the process. The upper part is first, and the lower part is adjusted.
  5. We can already get our lens in the bezel with a little bit of pressure and skill!


Although it is simple, there may be a way to do things differently. You can reach us if you have any questions.