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How Many Times Do We Blink In A Day?

How many times do we need to blink?

It's something we all do. Your mom, your dad, your siblings, even grandma does it. Blinking is what I am referring to. What else could I be talking? Blinking is an involuntary, necessary function of your eyes. But, why? How long can we go on without blinking? We're about to find the answer.



Blinking is a common activity. An average person blinks about 15-20 times per hour, which means that roughly 10% of our waking hours are spent with our eyes closed. Blinking helps to remove foreign particles such as dust and protect the eyes from potentially harmful stimuli like bright lights. The eyelids spread lubricating liquid across the eyeballs, keeping them from drying out. Your blink rate will increase in windy and smoky situations to protect your eyes from more serious conditions.



Although the Guinness Book of World Records does not have an official record for longest uninterrupted time, there are many unofficial records that can be found on the internet. The latest, and most prominent, record was set by a comedian, actor, and TV host from the Philippines.

Scientifically, we already know it is unlikely that you can go so long without blinking. Humans seem to constantly push the limits of what they can accomplish. Although this record is quite recent, it is not uncommon for people to test how long they can see in order to set a new record. My eyes can't stay open for more than a minute, and then my eyes close. What is the longest you can go without blinking?



Blinking is an essential function that keeps your eyes clean, lubricated and free from foreign particles. It may also help to process information in your brain. My eyes see that everything your body does involuntarily is likely there for a reason. So, unless you are the next unofficial-staring-contest-world-record hopeful, I would just blink whenever your body tells you to.