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How Should Sunglasses Fit?

Ever wondered why some sunglasses look amazing in the store but just don't seem to "sit right" on your face? It’s not just about style; it’s about fit! Finding the perfect pair of sunglasses is akin to finding the right pair of jeans. It can boost your confidence, style, and comfort. Let's dive into the nitty-gritty of how sunglasses should fit and ensure you walk away with the pair that best suits your beautiful face.


The Basics of Sunglasses Fit

1. The Width of the Frame

The first rule of thumb is that the frame should match the width of your face. This means the sunglasses should not stick out beyond the sides of your face nor squeeze your temples. It's like the Goldilocks principle: not too wide, not too tight, but just right.

2. The Nose Bridge

Have you ever noticed those annoying marks left by sunglasses on your nose? That’s often a sign of a poor fit at the nose bridge. Sunglasses should sit comfortably without pinching your nose or slipping down.

How the Temples Matter

The Role of Temple Arms

The temples of your sunglasses should fit snugly along your ears without pressing inward. If they dig into the side of your head, you'll end up with headaches; too loose, and they'll be sliding down your nose all day.


Understanding Your Face Shape

To really nail the fit, you must understand your face shape. This is key to picking frames that not only fit well but also complement your natural features.


The Main Face Shapes

Oval Face

Congratulations, oval-faced folks; most frame shapes will work for you! Just ensure the frames are as wide as the broadest part of your face.

Round Face

Angular frames are your best friend. They will help add some definition to your face’s natural curves.

Square Face

Curved, rounder frames can soften the angularity of a square face, providing a nice aesthetic balance.

Heart-Shaped Face

Frames that are wider at the top than the bottom work well. Think aviators or cat-eye styles that don’t sit too high on your face.

The Importance of Proportion

For those with petite features, oversized sunglasses might dominate your face, while those with more pronounced features might find smaller frames get lost. Proportion is key.


The Technical Side of Sunglasses

Lens Quality and Why It Matters

It’s not just about how sunglasses fit; it's also what they offer in terms of protection. UV protection is crucial, and polarized lenses can significantly reduce glare, which is a game-changer for driving or being near water.

Frame Material Choices

Metal vs. Plastic

Metal frames are generally more durable and offer a classic look, whereas plastic frames might offer more styles and colors. Your choice might also depend on your skin’s sensitivity to certain materials.


Practical Tips for Trying On Sunglasses

What to Look For When Trying On

Check the Fit on the Nose

Make sure there is no pinching at the bridge. If the sunglasses have nose pads, they can often be adjusted for a better fit.

Assess the Length of the Temples

They should reach your ears without bending, and ideally, follow the contour of your ear without pressing down on it.

Mirrors Don't Lie - Or Do They?

Sometimes, a mirror isn’t enough. Ask for a second opinion, or take a selfie from various angles to get a true sense of how the sunglasses fit and look on your face.

Where to Buy Sunglasses

The Best Places to Hunt for the Perfect Pair

Whether it’s a high-end boutique, a reputable optician's store, or an online retailer with a good return policy, where you buy can affect the quality and fit of your sunglasses.

The Perks of Professional Fitting

Consider visiting a professional who can help adjust the sunglasses to your unique face shape and size. This can be a game-changer in terms of comfort and style.


Conclusion: The Joy of Finding Your Perfect Sunglasses

Finding the right sunglasses is a blend of science and art. It’s about understanding the contours of your face, the practicality of the frames, and the essential protection they provide from the sun. Remember, the right sunglasses will feel as good as they look, and with these tips, you’re well on your way to finding your perfect match!