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How To Adjust Ray Ban Glasses - Guide

Yes, glasses should be adjusted to each individual's head shape. Although the glasses and sunglasses are standard in size and shape, they may fall off if we don't adjust them properly. These settings can change over time and may need to be adjusted every few months. 

Today we will help you adjust your Ray-Ban sunglasses (or any other brand). We need to know where we can start.


Step 1

It is important to straighten the arms of your glasses. The material of your glasses will determine how difficult this task is. If they are made of metal, we recommend using a pair of pliers. If it is made from paste, heat it up.


Step 2 

To prevent it from falling off, fold the tips at the top of the ear. Wear glasses and bend your temple to the height of the ears. They can cause pain and irritation if you bend too far.


Step 3

The glasses must be placed in a straight line with respect to the eyes. The glasses must be placed straight despite the fact that we align the arms on a flat surface.



Why To Adjust Ray Ban Glasses?

While we all have an ear that is higher than the other, they do not share the same position. We will do this by folding the last part of the arms. Take this example:

If the right side is higher than the left, the right arm will be bent slightly more than the left.