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How To Buy Prescription Sunglasses Online

Any outdoor enthusiast is well-aware of the benefits that polarized glasses add to prescription sunglasses. After all, the need to protect sensitive eyes against harmful rays is real. And polarized lenses are highly-effective when it comes to reducing the glare reflected everywhere outdoor.

Nevertheless, buying prescription sunglasses with polarized lenses isn’t just a matter of comfort. Though reducing reflected glare when outside is a welcomed benefit, some people have to wear these lenses even when indoor.

Light-sensitive people, or those who have recently been through some kind of eye surgery, will take the most benefits out of prescription sunglasses with polarized lenses. The polarized technology offers superior light filtering, which is tremendously helpful to the vulnerable persons in this category.

Also referred to as High Definition sunglasses, this type of glasses makes an increasingly popular choice. Here’s what you should know about it and what information will particularly help you when looking to buy prescription sunglasses online.


Polarized lenses, at a glance

Typically, polarized lenses appear to be colored in light black. This is the effect of an 80% grey tint used in the manufacturing process. And they all feature protection against both UVA and UVB rays.

Grey tint is preferred over the simple tint especially for the people who spend a lot of time being outdoors. If you’ll be out and about during the sunny days, or for the most part of those days, you’ll want your polarized lenses to be grey tinted.

Grey tint lenses will reduce the glare and filter the light, providing you with a clearer, crisper image without tiring the eye.

Despite their utility and popularity, polarized lenses are still an extra option. This means that, when looking to buy prescription sunglasses online, you must ensure that you specifically check that customizing option.

If your optician already recommended you to add the polarized option when purchasing your prescription sunglasses, pay attention to this aspect during the order stage. The EXTRAS section will let you customize your lenses before doing the checkout of your order.


What to expect from Transitions lenses prescription sunglasses?

Just because your prescription sunglasses will be able to turn darker in bright environments doesn’t mean you’ll get to have colored lenses all the time. And that’s just one side of the magic happening with Transitions lenses.

Simply put, original Transitions lenses have the ability to adapt your prescription sunglasses between outdoor and indoor conditions. As opposed to ordinary clear lenses, original Transitions lenses offer the major advantage of the adaptive lens technology. They also come in various designs, and they are available in different materials.

When the light requires it, they turn darker or lighter. All while during the night they appear like any other clear lens.

Consider prescription sunglasses with Transitions lenses if you want to enjoy:

  • Lenses that change from clear to dark, depending on whether you’re indoor or outdoor;
  • Normal-looking, similar-to-ordinary-clear-lenses glasses when you’re indoor or during the night;
  • Complete protection against the harmful UVA and UVB sun rays;
  • The flexibility to choose between Gray and Brown tint;
  • An overwhelming range of lens materials and designs to choose from.


In a nutshell, original Transitions lenses are clear when the UV light is minimal. And turn darker when the UV light is present. They do so automatically, changing their color into gray or brown, depending on the color option you have selected.

Needless to say, they provide you with superior comfort. And the peace of mind that comes from knowing your eyes are protected from glare is priceless. You’ll feel the benefits within the first minutes of use. And you’ll come to immensely appreciate the reduced eye strain and fatigue.


Tinted lenses on prescription sunglasses, the hottest craze

Once upon a time, people with prescription sunglasses were doomed to never again enjoy the option of a stylish pair of sunglasses. But ever since the tinted lenses entered the market, prescription sunglasses with colored lenses have becoming the latest, hottest craze.

You can tell how popular they are by the impressive range of options. But, also, by the highly-affordable prices. People want them, need them, and love them. Knowing you can get this fashionable detail on your prescription sunglasses for as little as $10 is something you’ll hardly overlook.

So, what started as a trend for people with prescription sunglasses is more recently embraced even by those who wear non-prescription glasses. Tinted lenses let you create your own style sunglasses by adding any color tint you want, on any lens.

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your sunglasses or want to order prescription sunglasses and custom the lenses a little bit, always keep an eye on the EXTRAS section. You’ll find in there all the necessary details regarding the tint option you can add to your prescription!