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How To Change Lenses Of Ray Bans?

Ray-Bans are exclusivist glasses that require significant care. Their lenses are prone to damage just like the ones of any other brand. But the problem is that, as opposed to any other brand, you probably won’t feel like throwing them away at the first signs of lens wear and instead want to know how to change lenses on Ray Bans.

So, it’s not like you’ll give up on your favorite Ray-Bans if scratches or other lens damages occur. But you won’t feel comfortable continue wearing them, either. It’s not just a matter of aesthetics, it simply won’t do good to your vision.

The solution is, of course, to change lenses of Ray Ban. How do you do that, you wonder? Well, it depends on what type of frames you have. But do not fret! Whether yours have metal or acetate frames, in this tutorial of how to change lenses of Ray Bans, you’ll learn exactly how to go about each specific model. Without further ado, here’s what you need to know about how to change lens on Ray Ban:


How to change lenses of Ray-Bans if you have metal frames:

  • For either lenses or eyeglass lenses, you’ll need a precision screwdriver, and, optional, a pair of tweezers – if you feel comfortable handling tiny screws with just your hands, you can skip the tweezers;
  • Then, put the glasses on a clean surface and quickly inspect them – you’ll notice two screws on each side, the typical setting for metal frames;
  • Proceed to unscrewing the lens screws from each side, using the precision screwdriver;
  • Use the tweezers to put the screws aside;
    • If you have an Aviator or a Round model, note that you must also partially unscrew the temple screws;
  • Then, proceed to set the new lens on the frame and screw back all the screws;
  • Do so for each side, and that was it!


How to change lenses on Ray-Bans if you have acetate frames:

  • For changing the lenses or the eyeglass lenses of an acetate frame, you’ll need to soften the frame at high temperature;
  • The safest way to do it is with hot water, so, add hot water in a large bowl;
  • Then, place your Ray-Bans in the bowl, with the lenses down;
    • You’ll notice that, within approximately 10 seconds, the mount gets really hot;
  • Remove the glasses from the water and move them on a table, above a chamois or any soft cloth you have at hand;
  • Quickly but firmly put a little pressure right in the center of the lens, towards the frame;
  • The lens will pop out from its bezel quite easily, and you can do the same on both sides;
  • Next, place the frames back into the hot water bowl, to reheat it;
  • Finally, make the previous maneuver, but in the opposite direction;
  • Begin by introducing the upper part of the lens first;
  • And end by adjusting its lower part.


You might feel a bit nervous about striking the right pressure. But it really just takes a bit of skill and you’ll easily change the lenses of Ray-Bans on an acetate frame, just as easily as on a metal frame.

Still not sure about certain steps of the process? Confused about any information presented above? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!