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How To Change Lenses OnRay-Ban RB3647N

We are here for one more day! We are bringing you a slightly different model of the Ray-Bans. This is about changing the RB3647N lens. This Ray Ban model is unique for many reasons. It has a unique design that combines a double bridge at the front and round-shaped lenses. 

The glass lenses can be ordered in many colors to match the lenses. This combination of the color of the metal, terminals, and lens creates very appealing models. The lens is also attached to the front differently than normal. It has a ring around it. 

We are presenting a tutorial on changing the RB3647N lenses.


Steps To Change Lenses RB3647N

  1. We will remove the bolt from the rod and the back.
  2. Take out the rod.
  3. Carefully lift the front to remove the old lens and the plastic ring. The rod should be removed.
  4. We can heat the part if necessary. You can do this by placing the lens and rim in hot water.
  5. After heating, take out the plastic ring and make sure it is not broken.
  6. Place the lens in the plastic ring.
  7. Once the lens is inside the plastic ring we will put it back in the front to match the shape.
  8. Reposition the rod in the right position.
  9. Turn the screw tight.


Hopefully this guide has helped you learn how to change lenses on Ray Ban 3647N.