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How To Check If Persol Sunglasses Are Original

Ah, the feeling of cool, sophisticated style wrapped snugly around your eyes. Ever thought about getting yourself a pair of Persol sunglasses? I bet you did! These Italian beauties aren't just a mere accessory; they're an emblem of elegance. But, like any treasure trove in the wild, there's always the lurking shadow of counterfeits. How can you be sure that the Persol sunglasses you're eyeing (pun intended!) are the real deal? Let's embark on a journey of authentication together, shall we?


1. The Quest for Authenticity: Why It Matters

Ever held a designer item and felt like you're clutching a piece of art? That's because you are! When you buy Persol, you're not just purchasing sunglasses; you're acquiring a legacy. Would you hang a cheap replica of a masterpiece in your living room and call it the original? Didn't think so.

1.1. The Risks of Knock-offs

Beyond the bummer of being duped, fake sunglasses could harm your eyes. They might not provide proper UV protection. Is that a risk you're willing to take?


2. Price: Too Good to Be True?

Imagine walking into an upscale restaurant and seeing a gourmet meal priced at fast-food rates. Suspicious, right? Similarly, if you stumble upon a pair of Persol sunglasses priced absurdly low, raise an eyebrow.

2.1. Understanding Value

Remember, with luxury items, you pay for quality, brand reputation, and design. If the price feels like a steal, it probably isn't the real deal.


3. The Signature Persol Arrow

This is Persol's iconic trademark. Is it present? If yes, is it symmetrical and crafted to perfection?

3.1. The Devil's in the Details

Counterfeiters might get many things right, but they often slip when it comes to intricate details. A slightly off arrow could be your first clue.


4. Check the Inside Arms

Genuine Persol sunglasses shout their authenticity. One arm will display the Persol logo, and the other might detail the model number, size, and "Made in Italy" tag. No signs of these? It's a red flag!

4.1. Serial Numbers: Your Secret Weapon

Some Persol sunglasses come with serial numbers. If yours has one, verify it on the official Persol website. No match? You know the drill!


5. Lens Quality: See Through the Lies

Hold the sunglasses up to the light. Do you notice any inconsistencies or bubbles? Authentic Persol lenses are impeccable. They don't settle for less, so why should you?

5.1. UV Protection Test

Try this fun test: Put on the sunglasses and stare at a UV light source, like a money detector. The real Persol lenses will block most UV rays, making the light dimmer.


6. Packaging: First Impressions Matter

Your Persols should come in a sturdy, branded box accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and a quality cleaning cloth. A plain or generic box is like gifting a diamond in a cereal box. Just doesn't add up, right?

6.1. User Manual & Warranty Info

Seems insignificant? Think again! Genuine Persols will always come with these. No manuals or vague warranty details scream "fake" louder than a foghorn.


7. Seller Reputation: Do Your Homework

Would you buy a vintage wine from a shady alley dealer? Probably not. Similarly, ensure your Persol seller has a solid reputation. Check reviews, ratings, and feedback.

7.1. Authorized Dealers

It's always best to purchase from official or authorized Persol dealers. Sure, it might be tempting to save a few bucks elsewhere, but at what cost?


8. Materials: Feel the Quality

Persol prides itself on using top-notch materials. If the frames feel cheap or overly light, they might just be imposters in a Persol disguise.

8.1. Meflecto System

One of Persol's unique features is the Meflecto system, which offers flexibility in the temples for maximum comfort. Feel for it!


9. Seek Expert Advice

When in doubt, consult an expert. Just like you'd consult an art expert to verify a painting, many opticians can help authenticate sunglasses.

9.1. The Price of Assurance

Spending a little extra time and maybe even a little cash for professional advice is worth it. After all, true luxury lies in genuine experiences, right?


10. Trust Your Gut: Intuition is Powerful

Sometimes, you just feel it. If something feels off, it probably is. Trust your instincts.

Remember, folks, the world of luxury items is a maze. But with the right tools and a sharp eye, you can steer clear of pitfalls. Now, armed with this treasure map of tips, go forth and find your genuine Persol masterpiece! Happy hunting!