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How To Clean And Take Care Of Your Glasses- Guide

Here are some top tips to keep your furniture looking great.

You've found the frames you want, but don't know how to maintain them. There are smudges everywhere and scratch threats all around. A quick wipe with your shirt sleeve won't make it any worse. We've been there. There are many tips, tricks, and hacks that will keep your glasses looking as good as new. ).

Relax, take a deep breath, and let the good times roll. Then, read on to find out the worst (and best) ways to clean your glasses. There are many ways to care for your glasses.

101 Tips for Cleaning Your Glasses

You would be wrong to assume that all cleaning methods are harmless. Unfortunately, the shirt-sleeve technique we all do can cause more damage in the long term. While it may seem harmless, inhaling on your glasses and rubbing your face with your shirt can cause irreparable damage to your eyes. ).

There is a proven and trusted way to clean your specs.


To remove any dust or other debris, run your glasses under lukewarm (but not too hot) water.

Remember to rinse glasses after cleaning them. Even gentle microfibre cloths can cause permanent scratches and damage from the buildup of dirt and dust.


Take a small bottle of basic washing up liquid and use your clean hands to squeeze a few drops between your fingers. You can hold the edges of your lenses, not the bridge or arms. Use the soap to gently scrub the soap onto the lenses and nose pads.

Dish soaps should be simple. Moisturising formulations can leave behind residue that can cause greasy smearing. Citrus-based formulas can also break down lenses' coatings over time.


Rinse & Dry

Use lukewarm water to rinse once more, then shake off any excess liquids and dry the area with a microfibre cloth.

Use gentle movements - any force can cause your glasses to sag.

Repeat, if necessary

You can repeat the process if you have oily smudges or stubborn stains that persist after the initial clean.

Cleaning Products

Cleaning glasses can be a difficult decision. We recommend vinegar, window cleaner, and even saliva. These are just a few of the many liquids that can be used to clean your specs.

Warm water is the best option. Some solutions may lead to more problems. For a complete list of most popular products, please read on.


Vinegar is acidic and can cause skin irritations.

Vinegar can cause damage to your lenses' protective coatings over time.

Window Cleaner

This one is obvious, right? It is not recommended for use as a glass cleaning solution because of the active ingredients found in most domestic window cleaners.

The liquid, which is similar to vinegar, can cause damage to protective coatings and make your lenses more susceptible to scratches.

Citric-based Solutions

Citric-based liquids can pose a danger to your eyes. Citric acids can be destructive and even trusty washing liquids can do more damage than good.

Always stick to the simplest solutions if in doubt


Although it is not the most efficient or hygienic, saliva (perhaps surprising!) is the best. It is the most damaging.

It is always better to use a liquid cleaner than a dry one (even with a microfibrecloth). We'll let your weigh the pros and cons of this one.

Preventive Measures

Preventive medicine is better than curative, and this is something we believe in when it comes to eye care.
It's much easier and quicker to repair or correct damaged lenses or frames than it is to fix them. Instead of doing this, you can follow our 5 golden rule right away to prevent any future mishaps.


Rule #1

We recommend that you always use the case that came with your specs. The case is not only a convenient way to transport your glasses but also protects them from bumps and scratches while you are out and about. While hard cases are the best, cloth cases can provide protection from scratches.

Rule #2

It is best to avoid putting your glasses down on the lenses. Even smooth surfaces can cause scratches and marks. To avoid any accidental damage, you can place your glasses upside-down, without the case.

Rule #3

Even the best-maintained specs can be scratched and marred by everyday wear. We recommend that you use our scratch resistant coating to protect your lenses from scratches and marks.

Rule #4

Avoid over-cleaning. It is tempting to clean your glasses with a lot of elbow grease and a thorough clean, but gentle cleaning will be better for your eyes in the long-term. If you clean your glasses too often and too hard, the sides can become loose. This can be prevented by holding your glasses' edges when cleaning.

Rule #5

For those times when you are on the go, consider purchasing spray glasses cleaners or moistened disposable wipes. These options are available at most pharmacies and chemists. They can also be used as an alternative to hot water.