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How To Clean Maui Jim Lenses

Oh, Maui Jim sunglasses! The epitome of style, elegance, and, most importantly, protection against those harmful UV rays. But, like a treasure that's been through a few adventures, these glasses can get a little smudged and dirty. So, how do you keep those pristine lenses, well, pristine?


Cleaning your Maui Jim Lenses: The Basics

Look, just like you wouldn't toss your cashmere sweater in a machine with your gym socks, you shouldn't treat your Maui Jim lenses carelessly. They're delicate, but with a little love, they'll serve you for years.

Why Cleaning Properly Matters

Ever tried looking through a dirty window on a sunny day? Frustrating, right? Dirty lenses not only hinder your view but can also cause scratches if not cleaned correctly.

Protecting the Coating

Maui Jim lenses often come with specialized coatings, which can deteriorate if cleaned improperly. Protecting this coating is like ensuring that the armor of a knight remains strong and shiny.


Getting Down to Brass Tacks: Cleaning Supplies

What You’ll Need:

  • Microfiber cloth
  • Lukewarm water
  • Mild dish soap (without lotion)
  • Air blower or canned air
  • Lens cleaning solution (optional)

Is the list above all Greek to you? Don't worry; it's simpler than it sounds. Let's dive into it!


Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning Your Maui Jim Lenses

Step 1: Preparing the Ground

Firstly, let’s create a safe cleaning environment. Think of this step like setting the stage for a grand performance.

Wash Your Hands

Start by washing your hands. After all, we're aiming to remove dirt, not add more!

Lay Down a Soft Cloth

Place a soft cloth on the table or counter. This ensures your sunglasses have a soft landing spot, preventing any potential scratches.


Step 2: The Preliminary Dust-Off

Think of this step as the warm-up before the actual exercise.

Use the Air Blower or Canned Air

Gently blow off any particles or dust. This is crucial. Why? Because rubbing grit against the lens is like using sandpaper on polished wood. Ouch!


Step 3: The Water Treatment

Here, water does the magic. But remember, it’s not a dive into the pool!

Run Lenses Under Lukewarm Water

Gently run your lenses under lukewarm water. Avoid hot water, as it might damage the coating. Imagine giving your lenses a refreshing spa day – relaxing and rejuvenating.


Step 4: Adding the Soap Touch

It's time for a gentle massage with some mild soap.

Apply a Drop of Dish Soap

Use a mild dish soap without lotions. Rub it gently on both sides of the lenses in a circular motion. Think of it as massaging your favorite pet – gentle and loving!


Step 5: Rinsing and Repeating

Back to our water treatment.

Rinse Off the Soap

Make sure no residue is left. It's like ensuring every bit of chocolate is licked off a spoon – we don’t want to waste anything good!


Step 6: The Drying Game

Remember our hero – the microfiber cloth?

Dry with a Microfiber Cloth

Pat the lenses dry gently. Don't rub! Think of the cloth as a gentle breeze on a summer day, lightly caressing your face.


Step 7: For That Extra Shine

Want to make your lenses gleam like the morning sun?

Use a Lens Cleaning Solution

Spritz a little lens cleaning solution and wipe it off gently with the microfiber cloth. It's like using a finishing touch on a masterpiece.


A Few Don'ts to Remember

Avoid These Common Mistakes:

  • Using Paper Towels or Tissues: They might seem soft, but they can be abrasive to your lenses. It's like using a cactus as a back-scratcher. Sounds painful, right?
  • Spitting on Your Lenses: Believe it or not, some do this! It's neither clean nor effective.
  • Leaving Them in Direct Sunlight to Dry: The heat can damage the coating. It's akin to leaving ice cream