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How To Find Sunglasses Type/Models That Need Replacements

To ensure that your new lenses fit properly, it is important to identify your sunglasses. To ensure you get the correct lenses for your glasses, we will show you how to identify your frame.


How To Identify Sunglasses

Brand Name

To identify the brand of sunglasses you own, look for a logo on the frames. The brand name could be found on the inner or outer arm of the frame.


Frame Name

Look for the logo or name printed on inside temples of frames to find the name of the frame.

Pay attention to qualifiers such as "S" and "XL", which indicate the size of the lens or frame. These frames are often unique and have their own lenses that can't be interchangeable with other sizes.

Some frames were produced in multiple editions over the years. Click the "Check Compatibility” button on the product page if you search for your frame name. To identify the generation of your frames, you can refer to the images in our fit guide.


Frame number

You may not see your frame name on your sunglasses. A SKU number can be used to identify your frames. A SKU is usually something like this.

  • Oakley frame SKU: OO9102
  • Ray-Ban frame SKU example: RB2132
  • Maui Jim frame SKU example: MJ103


These SKU numbers can be searched on our website to locate the correct lenses for your frame.


Lens Size

Ray-Ban frames can come in multiple sizes. The size number is typically found after the SKU symbol before the square # symbol. It indicates the millimeter width.

Lens Width

The best thing about replacing older frames is that they can breathe new life into them. Sometimes, this means that numbers such as the lens width may have lost their meaning. The best way to determine the size of a lens is by printing it. However, the horizontal measurement in millimeters can be used to calculate the size. Measure across the lens without bending or removing them. Measure the lens inside the frame to get the correct measurement.


Verify Compatibility

Our lens product pages include a Check Compatibility button for common frame styles. Additional resources are available to double-check that you're using the correct lenses.