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How To Fix Bent Arms On Burberry Sunglasses

Ever found yourself in the glaring light of the sun, reaching for your Burberry sunglasses only to discover the arms are bent out of shape? It's a mood killer, right? Here’s the scoop on restoring them to their original glory.


Introduction: The Bent Arm Dilemma

We've all been there: A beautiful sunny day ruined by the discovery of bent arms on our prized Burberry sunglasses. But fear not, for every problem has a solution. This article will guide you through the intricacies of fixing the bent arms of your Burberry sunglasses, ensuring they are back to being your stylish companions in no time!

Why Sunglasses Arms Bend

First, let's address the question: How did they even get bent? Understanding this can help prevent future bends, a double win!

Accidental Pressure

Most often, the arms bend due to excessive pressure or accidental mishandling. Whether it's sitting on them or shoving them hastily into a bag, these fragile fashion pieces can easily get distorted.


Before You Start: Assess the Damage

Before diving into the repair, it's crucial to thoroughly assess the damage. Is it a minor bend, or is the arm threatening to snap off completely?

Minor Bends

A slight bend might not affect the functionality but can cause discomfort and annoyance.

Major Bends

A significant bend or twist can affect the fit and functionality and may require more intricate handling.


Gather Necessary Tools

You don’t need a whole workshop. Basic tools like needle-nose pliers, a hairdryer, or a small adjustable wrench can do wonders.

Protective Materials

Don’t forget materials to protect your shades from the tools, like a soft cloth or thin rubber.


The Fixing Process: Step by Step

Ready to get your Burberry sunglasses back in shape? Let’s dive into the step-by-step process.

For Minor Bends: The Gentle Approach

For a minor bend, sometimes all it takes is a gentle hand adjustment.

Use Your Hands

Carefully try to reshape the arms using your hands, applying even pressure.


Apply Heat for Flexibility

Stuck with a stubborn bend? Heat can make the material more pliable.

Use a Hairdryer

Aim a hairdryer at the bent area for about 30 seconds to soften the material, making it easier to reshape.


Utilize Pliers for Precision

For more significant bends or for more control, pliers come in handy.

Protect the Sunglasses

Wrap the arms with a cloth or rubber to protect them while using pliers.

Gently Reshape

Use the pliers to gently and slowly adjust the arms back to the original shape.


For Major Bends: Professional Help

If the bend is severe, it might be time to consult the professionals.

Visit an Eyewear Store

An eyewear store often has the right tools and expertise to fix bent arms effectively.


Post-Repair: Confirming the Fit

You’ve done it, but it's not over yet. It's vital to ensure the sunglasses fit correctly post-repair.

Try Them On

Put on the sunglasses to check the fit and comfort.

Adjust as Necessary

If necessary, make further adjustments to ensure the perfect fit.


Monitor for Issues

Keep an eye out for recurring bending or additional issues post-repair.


Conclusion: Bask in the Sun with Confidence!

There you have it – a detailed guide to fixing bent arms on Burberry sunglasses. Now you can bask in the sunny days with your shades sitting perfectly on your face. Prevention is better than cure, so handle with care and your stylish shades will thank you with longevity and flair!

Sound like a plan? Get fixing and stride into the sunshine with confidence and restored Burberry shades!