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How To Fix Bent Arms On Versace Sunglasses

Life's little inconveniences sure have a way of raining on our parades, don't they? Imagine this: You're sashaying down the boulevard, feeling like a million bucks in your elegant Versace sunglasses, when snap!—you realize one of the arms has bent out of shape. Heartbreaking, isn’t it?

But fear not, fellow sunglasses aficionado! Today, we’re diving deep into the nitty-gritty world of sunglasses repair. Fasten your seatbelts, for we’re on a mission to bring those curvy arms back to their original, catwalk-worthy shape!


The Curious Case of Bent Sunglasses Arms

A Common Affliction

First things first, you're not alone. Bent arms on sunglasses are like the common cold of the eyewear world—annoying, inevitable, but luckily, often fixable. Ever heard the saying, "Bend, but don't break"? That’s the mantra your sunglasses live by!

What Causes The Bend?

Ever thrown your sunglasses in your bag without a case? Sat on them accidentally? Or maybe you’ve just worn them on your head one too many times? All these everyday actions can cause those arms to lose their shape. But remember, every problem has a solution! If you need replacement Versace arms, you can find some new ones on Amazon here.


Rolling Up Our Sleeves: The DIY Fix

Tools of the Trade

To begin our mission, we first need our toolkit. A gentle giant, if you will. Gather these essentials:

Ever felt like a surgeon prepping for a critical operation? This is your moment!


The Gentle Approach

If you think about it, sunglasses are a lot like people. They need a gentle touch, some warmth, and a little bit of TLC.

  • Heat it up: Don your rubber gloves. Fire up your hairdryer and aim it at the bent part of the arm for about 15-20 seconds. Remember, not too close! We’re warming it up, not roasting marshmallows here.
  • Bend it back: Once the arm feels pliable, gently bend it back to its original shape. A bit like yoga for sunglasses, wouldn’t you say?
  • Cool down: Allow the arm to cool and retain its shape. You can wave your hand over it to speed up the cooling process, or just let nature do its thing.


When Things Get Tricky

But what if the gentle approach doesn’t cut it?

  • Double down on heat: Sometimes, those stubborn bends need a tad more persuasion. Extend the heating time by a few seconds, but be cautious. We want to reshape, not melt!
  • Use the cloth: Lay the sunglasses on the mat or towel. Use the microfiber cloth as a buffer and press down gently until the desired shape is achieved.


Ever tried persuading a stubborn cat off your favorite chair? It’s kind of like that—patience and gentleness are key!


Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Sunglasses Etiquette 101

Once you've restored your sunglasses to their former glory, let's ensure they stay that way!

  • Case in Point: Always store your sunglasses in their case. Think of it as their cozy little home where they’re safe from the cruel world.
  • Headwear, Beware: As stylish as it may look, refrain from wearing your sunglasses on your head. It stretches them out—kind of like how your favorite jeans feel after a big holiday meal!
  • Cleanliness is Godliness: Clean your shades regularly with a microfiber cloth. This reduces the need for rough handling later on.


Choose Quality

Invest in quality eyewear. Sure, Versace is a renowned brand, but always ensure you're buying from reputable sources. Ever heard the tale of the fake that bent at the slightest touch? You don’t want that to be your story!


When All Else Fails

Professional Help

Sometimes, just as we turn to a friend when we're in a pickle, our sunglasses might need a professional touch. Opticians often have the tools and expertise to fix bent arms seamlessly. Ever thought about how a potter molds clay into beautiful shapes? That’s your optician, but for sunglasses.