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How To Fix Broken Oliver Peoples Sunglasses

Ah, the sun. That glorious ball of fire in the sky! And what better way to shield our eyes from its scorching rays than with a pair of chic Oliver Peoples sunglasses? But what happens when your trusted companion meets an unfortunate fate? (Cue the dramatic music!) Don’t fret! I’m here with a step-by-step guide to help you fix those beloved shades.


The Tale of the Fallen Sunglasses

Ever heard the story of Icarus? He flew too close to the sun, and well... we know how that story ends. Similarly, when our beloved Oliver Peoples sunglasses crash onto the concrete, it's almost as tragic. But unlike Icarus, there's hope for your shades.

Tools You'll Need:

It's a bit like preparing for a culinary masterpiece. Instead of knives and blenders, you'll be reaching out for:

  • Eyeglass repair kit: The unsung hero of all things tiny and intricate.
  • Super glue: Ah, the magic potion!
  • A soft cloth: To keep things spick and span.
  • Tweezers: For those tricky bits.
  • Heat source (hairdryer or hot water): Trust me on this.


Recognizing the Break

Imagine you're a doctor. Your patient? Those sunnies. First, you need to know what ails them.

Broken Frames

Cracked? Snapped in two? We've got remedies for them all.

Unhinged Arms

Arm dangling by a thread? It’s more common than you think.

Scratched Lenses

This one's tricky. But hey, every challenge has its rewards, right?


Doctoring Your Sunnies Back to Health

For Broken Frames:

Metaphor alert! Consider this like a bone fracture. The bone needs to align perfectly to heal.

  • Clean both ends: Use the soft cloth to ensure no debris interferes.
  • Apply super glue: A dab will do. Too much and you’ll be in a sticky situation—literally!
  • Press and hold: For about 60 seconds. It's a test of patience, but hang in there!
  • Let it set: Give it a few hours. Best to err on the side of caution, right?


For Unhinged Arms:

Remember those toy robots with detachable limbs? This is kinda like that.

  • Inspect the hinge: Look for bent or missing screws.
  • Use the repair kit: This is where the magic happens. Tighten the screw or replace it if needed.
  • Need some heat?: If the hinge is tight, warm it gently. But don't go full Thor with it!


For Scratched Lenses:

Now, this is a bit like trying to erase a pencil mark without a rubber. Not impossible, but tricky.

  • Baking soda: Sounds weird, but make a paste with some water. Rub gently on the scratch and rinse.
  • Toothpaste: Yes, the one for your teeth. Again, gently does it.
  • Lens repair solutions: Available at opticians. It’s like giving your lenses a spa day.


Post-Operation Care

Protecting Your Newly-Mended Shades

You wouldn’t expose a healing wound to dirt, right? Treat your sunnies with the same TLC.

Case It

Wouldn't you feel safe wrapped up in a cozy blanket? Your sunglasses would, in a sturdy case.

Clean with Love

Use a microfiber cloth. Treat them like the crown jewels, because, well, they kinda are.


Prevention: The Best Cure

Now that you've mastered the art of repair, how about some tips to avoid a repeat?

Handle with Care

Obvious? Yes. Essential? Absolutely. Remember, they’re more than just plastic and metal.

Keep 'em Dry

Water may be life, but it's not a friend to your Oliver Peoples.

The No-No List

Avoid extreme heat, chemicals, and throwing them in your bag unprotected. It’s a wild world in there!