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How To Fix Broken Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a must-have accessory. Anything that goes wrong with them is guaranteed to ruin your day. Especially if you have designer glasses that are very dear to you and for which you’ve paid a hefty price.

Problem is, however, that accidents happen. Or sometimes, it’s just a matter of wear taking a toll on your sunglasses. Whatever the cause, you might find yourself staring at a pair of broken sunglasses, not knowing what to do.

Before you even dare thinking that you should throw them away, we suggest you the following options on how to fix broken sunglasses. Naturally, not any solution will fit to any problem. But it is always worth to give it a try or consider your options and see what works best for you in a given situation. You’ll be happy you did so!

Now, here’s what you can try to fix your broken sunglasses:

Tighten the screws just a little bit

You might be surprised to discover what a big impact this small action can have on the way your sunglasses sit on your face. This is, in fact, the number one thing you should be doing as part of the care and maintenance of your sunglasses. But if you’ve never done it before and you’re starting to feel they don’t properly fit you anymore, the time has come for screw tightening.

Get yourself an optical screwdriver and then get to work. You’ll have to gently tighten the screws located both at the top and at the bottom of the frame – the ones that keep your lenses in place. In case you don’t have such a tool at hand, quickly order one from Chances are you’ll use it again in the future, so it is really a small investment that will pay off in the long run.

Try adjusting their arms – do it yourself, or ask professional help

Arm adjustment is a bit trickier in case you have plastic frames. But that’s precisely why we mentioned you can do it yourself, if the frame is made of metal, or ask for professional help, for the plastic ones. If you can give it a try yourself, simply place a soft cloth on the frame and clamp the pliers over it, close to the bent area.

The secret is to take it slow and make small adjustments, rather than pushing it hard from the first time. Bend the arm back into place just a little bit, pause to test the frames, repeat if necessary. When the frames placed upside down on the table look flat, you can stop.

Give the lenses a good cleanse

We know that moment when you look at your sunglasses, and your heart skips a bit while you think you saw a scratch on the lens. That scratch, however, may easily be a thin line or a smudge. With a bit of water and soap, followed by aproper drying and polishing with a soft clean cloth, you might be able to breathe easily.

Get yourself new lenses rather than new sunglasses

The worst-case scenario is when your lenses really are scratched or even broken. If that’s the case, there is still hope in replacing only the damaged lens rather than your sunglasses altogether.

Go online and browse through the tens of thousands of sunglass lens models that you can order in a jiffy. Pick your favorite brand, your desired color, decide if you want them polarized, or with HD quality, and you’ll still pay less than for a new pair!