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How To Fix Broken Versace Sunglasses

Ah, Versace sunglasses – the crowning jewel of many an accessory collection. I mean, who doesn't crave that delicious blend of Italian sophistication, modern design, and a hint of sassy style? But here’s the kicker: What do you do when they break? No one wants to walk around with a crack in their swanky sunnies, right?

Hang tight, fashion-forward friend! Whether you sat on them by accident (been there) or they fell prey to a playful puppy (it happens), this guide is your ticket back to stylish days under the sun.


Understanding The Anatomy of Your Sunglasses

Before we delve into the nuts and bolts, let's get to know our patient – your precious Versace shades.

Frame Fabulousness

Ever wondered what your sunglasses frame is made of? Metal? Plastic? Fairy dust? Usually, it’s a combination of metals and high-quality plastics that give your sunnies their robustness.

Those All-Important Lenses

The heart and soul of any shades! Lenses come in all sorts of tints and protective coatings. They’re not just about style – they protect those peepers from harmful UV rays. Remember, it’s not just about looking good, but feeling good too!

Hinges & Screws - Tiny but Mighty

The unsung heroes! These little bits ensure your sunglasses open and close seamlessly. They may be small, but their role is nothing short of monumental.


Typical Issues & Their Fixes

Alright, back to business! Here’s a rundown of some common problems and their trusty fixes.


Snapped Frames: When Disaster Strikes

Snap! And just like that, your heart drops. But don’t despair!

Glue to the Rescue

A quick fix? Use strong adhesive. Clean both broken edges, apply a tiny amount, hold it in place till it dries, and voilà! It’s like magic...but with chemicals.

Professionals for the Win

If the break is complex or at a crucial point, it might be time to see a professional. No shame in calling in the cavalry!


Loose Screws? Don’t Lose Your Cool!

A wobbly arm can be downright annoying. Ever had your sunglasses do the cha-cha on your face? Yep, not fun.

The Trusty Mini-Screwdriver

That teeny-tiny screwdriver you’ve seen in eyeglass repair kits? Time for its moment in the spotlight! Tighten the loose screws, and you’re golden.

Missing Screws – The Plot Thickens

Lost a screw? No worries. Your repair kit should have spares. Just replace and tighten. If not, your local optical shop is your next stop.


Scratched Lenses – The Ultimate Faux Pas

A scratch on your Versace lens is like a stain on a white shirt. Noticeable. And bothersome.

Toothpaste Trick

Did you know that toothpaste can work wonders? Rub a dab on the scratch, rinse, and repeat. Sometimes, simplicity is the key.

Opt for Replacement

Deep scratches? Might be time for a lens replacement. It’s like giving your sunglasses a new lease on life!


Prevention: Because An Ounce of It...

You know the saying. Let’s talk about keeping those sunnies safe.

Cases – Not Just Fashion Statements

Remember that case your sunglasses came with? Yeah, it's not just for show. It’s their protective cocoon. Use it!

Clean with Care

Rubbing your sunglasses on your shirt might seem like a good idea, but microfiber cloths? Now, those are the real MVPs.

Handle with Love

They’re your precious. Treat them with the respect they deserve. Always handle by the bridge, not the arms.


When To Say Goodbye

It’s hard, I know. But sometimes, it's best to let go.

Cost Vs. Worth

If repairs are costing more than a new pair, it’s a sign. Maybe it’s time for a shiny new pair?

Structural Integrity

If they’ve been repaired multiple times, they might not offer the protection you need. Safety first!