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How To Fix Peeling Burberry Lenses

Fixing peeling lenses on Burberry sunglasses or eyeglasses can be challenging, and it's usually best to seek professional assistance from an optometrist or eyeglass technician for a proper and long-lasting solution. However, you can try the following steps at home to address the issue temporarily:

  • Clean the lenses: Start by cleaning the peeling lenses with a mild, lens cleaner and a clean microfiber cloth. Removing any dirt or debris can sometimes improve the appearance and reduce the visibility of the peeling.
  • Remove loose pieces: If there are loose or hanging pieces of the lens, carefully trim them using small, sharp scissors or a precision knife. Be extremely cautious not to damage the lens further or cut yourself.
  • Apply clear nail polish (temporary fix): This is a temporary solution that may help prevent further peeling. Apply a very thin layer of clear nail polish over the peeling area, allowing it to dry completely. This can help hold the peeling layer in place temporarily and reduce the visibility of the peeling.
  • Use clear adhesive tape (temporary fix): Cut a small piece of clear adhesive tape to cover the peeling area. Press it firmly onto the lens, making sure there are no air bubbles or wrinkles. This can help keep the peeling layer in place for a short period.
  • Avoid further damage: Be careful not to expose your sunglasses or eyeglasses to extreme heat, direct sunlight, or harsh chemicals, as these can worsen the peeling.
  • Seek professional repair: While the above steps can provide a temporary fix, it's essential to consult a professional optometrist or eyeglass technician for a more permanent solution. They may be able to reattach or replace the damaged lens properly, ensuring your glasses or sunglasses are safe and functional. If you need new replacement Burberry lenses, you can find some on Amazon.


Remember that attempting to repair your glasses at home carries some risks, and it's always best to seek professional assistance if possible. If your Burberry eyewear is still under warranty, consider contacting the retailer or Burberry customer service for repair or replacement options.