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How To Purchase Replacement Arms For Oliver Peoples Glasses

Ever found yourself in the annoying predicament where your beloved Oliver Peoples glasses have suffered a mishap? Broken or bent arms can be a real mood-killer. But fret not! Here’s a handy guide to swooping in and saving the day by purchasing replacement arms for your Oliver Peoples glasses. Ready to bring back the chic?


Understanding the Need

Why Replace the Arms?

Let’s face it, glasses go through a lot! From accidentally sitting on them to battling the elements, it's only natural that they may need some TLC now and then. Replacing the arms can give your glasses a fresh lease on life, and save you the cost of buying a brand new pair. Sound like a plan?


Know Your Glasses

Model Details Matter

Before you dive into the world of replacement parts, get familiar with your Oliver Peoples frame model. The model number is usually located on the inside of the arms. Got it down? Great, let’s keep moving!

Match the Parts Correctly

Not all parts are created equal. Ensure the replacement arms are specifically designed for your frame model to avoid any ill-fitting disappointments. Who needs that hassle, right?


Where to Start Looking?

Official Oliver Peoples Store

Always start at the source. Oliver Peoples’ official website or physical store might offer replacement parts or can guide you to where you can find them.

Trusted Online Retailers

Popular online optical stores often sell authentic replacement parts for branded eyewear. But remember, always ensure the retailer's authenticity before making a purchase. Better safe than sorry!

Local Opticians

Don’t forget about your friendly neighborhood opticians. They may have, or be able to order, the replacement arms you need.


Navigating Online Purchases

Beware of Scams

The internet can be a tricky place. Double, no, triple-check the online retailers to avoid scams or counterfeit products. Review ratings, feedback, and return policies before clicking that ‘Buy Now’ button.

Confirm Compatibility

Be 100% sure that the replacement arms are compatible with your Oliver Peoples frames. Confirm the model number and reach out to the retailer for any queries. Taking an extra minute for confirmation now can save a world of trouble later!


The Cost Factor

Understanding Price Points

Replacement arms for Oliver Peoples glasses can vary in cost. Having a budget in mind can help narrow down options and prevent overspending. Who doesn’t love a good deal?



After the Purchase

Tracking Your Order

Keep tabs on your order. Tracking details usually sent by the retailer can help you know when to expect your delivery.

Receiving and Verifying the Product

Once you receive the product, verify its authenticity and compatibility with your frames. Any issues? Reach out to the retailer for assistance or returns.

Getting the Replacement Arms Fitted

Head to your local optician to have the replacement arms fitted professionally. Ensure the fit is perfect to enjoy comfortable and stylish eyewear once again!



And there you have it – the A to Z on purchasing replacement arms for your Oliver Peoples glasses. No need to despair over damaged glasses anymore. With this guide, restore your glasses to their original glory, all while saving time and money. Ready to embark on this eyewear rescue mission? Let’s bring the chic back to your look!