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How To Put The Lens Back Into Michael Kors Sunglasses

Have you ever found yourself in a frustrating situation where the lens of your beloved Michael Kors sunglasses pops out unexpectedly? It can be quite a hassle, but fear not! In this guide, we will walk you through the process of putting the lens back into your Michael Kors sunglasses. So, grab your sunglasses and let's get started!

Gather Your Tools

Before we begin, it's essential to gather the necessary tools to make this process as smooth as possible. You'll need:

1. A clean, soft cloth
2. A small screwdriver or eyeglass repair kit
3. Clear adhesive (optional)
4. A steady hand and patience

Inspect the Lens and Frame

First things first, carefully inspect the lens and frame of your sunglasses. Look for any signs of damage or cracks. If you notice any significant damage, it's best to consult a professional for repair. However, if it's just a matter of the lens popping out, we can fix it ourselves!

Clean the Lens and Frame

Using a clean, soft cloth, gently wipe the lens and frame to remove any dirt or debris. This step ensures a clear view and prevents any scratches while handling the sunglasses.

Align the Lens

Now, let's align the lens properly before putting it back into the frame. Hold the lens up to the frame and examine the notches or grooves on both the lens and the frame. These notches serve as a guide for proper alignment.

Insert the Lens

With the lens properly aligned, carefully insert one edge of the lens into the frame. Apply gentle pressure, making sure it fits snugly into place. Be cautious not to apply too much force, as it may cause damage to the lens or frame.

Secure the Lens

If you find that the lens doesn't stay in place, you can use a small amount of clear adhesive to secure it. Apply the adhesive sparingly to the frame's edge and press the lens firmly into place. Allow the adhesive to dry according to the manufacturer's instructions before wearing your sunglasses.

Test the Sunglasses

Now that the lens is back in place, it's time to test your sunglasses. Put them on and ensure that the lens feels secure and doesn't wobble. Look through the lens to check for any distortion or misalignment. If everything looks good, congratulations! You've successfully put the lens back into your Michael Kors sunglasses.

Maintenance Tips

To keep your sunglasses in excellent condition, here are a few maintenance tips:

1. Store your sunglasses in a protective case when not in use.
2. Avoid placing your sunglasses face-down on hard surfaces to prevent scratches.
3. Clean the lenses regularly using a microfiber cloth or lens cleaning solution.
4. Avoid exposing your sunglasses to extreme temperatures or prolonged sunlight.

When to Seek Professional Help

While putting the lens back into your Michael Kors sunglasses is a relatively simple process, there may be instances where professional help is necessary. If you encounter any difficulties or notice extensive damage, it's best to consult an eyewear professional or reach out to the manufacturer for assistance.


Putting the lens back into your Michael Kors sunglasses doesn't have to be a daunting task. With a steady hand, patience, and the right tools, you can easily restore your sunglasses to their former glory. Remember to take your time, align the lens properly, and secure it firmly into place. By following these steps and practicing proper maintenance, you'll be able to enjoy your stylish Michael Kors sunglasses for years to come.