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How to Remove Persol Lenses: A Simplified Guide

Ah, Persol, the Italian brand that screams of sophistication, elegant design, and... somewhat stubborn lenses. But fret not! Ever thought of replacing those sun-worn lenses or getting a tint you've always coveted? Wondering how you can pop out the old and slot in the new without transforming your prized possession into a tragic mishmash of twisted metal and scratched glass? Dive in, intrepid lens-swapper!

Setting the Stage: Why Would You Want to Remove Them Anyway?

Old Lenses, New Visions

Maybe you've grown tired of that scratched lens that's been mocking you for ages? Or perhaps you're itching to tweak the shade? Switching out lenses can give your Persols a whole new lease on life!

An Affordable Facelift

Buying a new pair? Costs a pretty penny! Replacing Persol lenses? It's the financially savvy, eco-friendly facelift your sunnies desperately crave.


Understanding the Persol Design: An Architectural Marvel

The Legendary Meflecto System

Picture the Colosseum. It's not just about the grandeur but the architectural genius behind it. Persol's Meflecto system is a similar marvel in the eyewear world. It's what gives the frames flexibility and comfort. But it also means that lens removal isn't as straightforward as popping out a bread slice from a toaster.

Not Your Average Specs

These frames? They're not your run-of-the-mill supermarket varieties. They're crafted with intricate detailing, making the lens removal process a tad more... shall we say, engaging?


Ready, Set, Go: Prepping for the Operation

Gather Your Tools

Like a seasoned chef preparing for a culinary masterpiece, you need your tools. What's on the menu?


The Setting

Ensure a clean, clutter-free workspace. Think of it like setting up a mini operating room. Bright lighting is your best friend, and soft surfaces will be the cushion to your lenses' potential falls.

Removing the Persol Lenses: Step-by-Step Guide

Loosening the Frame

Start with the upper outer corner of one lens. Gently push the frame's top edge outward, using your thumb for support. It's like coaxing a shy cat out of hiding. Be gentle!

Pushing Out the Lens

Now, with the frame slightly away, apply pressure from the inside of the lens, pushing outward. Ever tried getting the last bit of toothpaste out? This feels somewhat similar, just be gentle and patient.

Ta-da Moment!

If done right, the lens should pop out, leaving you feeling like a Persol magician!

After the Removal: What's Next?

Inspecting the Empty Frame

Before you pop in the new lens, give that frame a thorough inspection. Notice any bends or misalignments? Now's the perfect time for a minor tweak.

Cleaning the Frame

Give it a gentle wipe with a soft cloth. It's like dressing up for a special date; presentation is everything.


Inserting New Lenses: The Final Frontier

Align and Slide

Hold the frame with one hand, ensuring the groove where the lens fits is easily accessible. Start with the nose bridge end and slide the lens into place, like fitting a puzzle piece where it belongs.

Secure the Lens

Using gentle pressure, push around the frame's edge to ensure the new replacement Persol lens fits snugly. It's like tucking in your blanket, making sure every corner is cozy.

Bonus Tips for the Daring Lens Swapper

Practice Makes Perfect

If you've got an old, battered pair of Persols gathering dust, use them as your training wheels. Better to make mistakes there, right?

Seek Professional Help

Not everyone's born with the dexterity of a jeweler. If it feels too daunting, there's no shame in seeking a pro's touch.