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How To Remove Ray Ban Lenses - Ultimate Guide

Looking at your Ray-Ban replacement lenses but not sure what to do with it? If you want to know your options on how to remove those lenses, you’ve come to the right place. Coming up next, we’ll show you, step by step how to take out the old lenses and how to place the new ones in perfect condition. Read our replacement guide carefully, as we have also saved some extra tips on Ray-Ban replacement parts and services in the end! If you need Ray Ban replacement lenses, you can find some on Amazon here.


To remove the lenses from your Ray-Ban sunglasses, you must:

  • First, position the Ray-Ban sunglasses for an effective operation;
    • Keep the frame with the lenses toward you and the arms pointing in the opposite direction from you;
  • Then, place your fingers correctly around the lens, to avoid making it snap while you pop it out from the frame;
    • Bring your thumbs at the end of one of the two lenses and use your other fingers to support the lens in the area of the nose piece, and at the corner of the frame;
  • Finally, press with the thumbs, gently but firm enough to make the lens come out of the frame;
    • Meanwhile, your other fingers should maintain light pressure on the lens;
  • Once you’ve taken out one lens, repeat the exact same steps with the second lens.


To place the new lenses to your Ray-Ban sunglass frames, you must:

  • Change the position of the frames, this time bringing it with the arms toward you;
  • Bring the new lens and place it inside the old frame;
  • Spread your fingers around the frame;
  • Keep your thumbs on your side;
  • Once you get the mirrored position you used when you first removed the old lens, you can start pressing;
  • Same gentle but firm and even pressure will have to be applied, until you see the lens entering the groove of the frame;
  • Repeat the same steps for the second lens.


Extra tips on how to remove Ray Ban lenses – by yourself OR with pro help

As you can see, it’s typically a process of pressing the lens and making it come out of or get inside the frame’s groove. If you find it difficult, it might help you to warm the frame a little bit, before you remove the lenses. The hot water from the tap can work wonders if you let it run over the glasses for about a minute.

Heat will make the frame more malleable and reduce the risk of damage. Basically, it will give the frame more flexibility, which translates into more flexibility for the lenses, too. This will spare you from having to apply excessive force, and make it all much safer.

Now, one thing we haven’t got to detail is that even if you purchase your Ray-Ban replacement lenses online, it’s probably best to avoid paying for the seller’s replacement services, too. More often than not, the replacement costs are seriously inflated.

Even if you don’t want to do it yourself, you’re better by purchasing the replacement lenses online and going to a local optician and ask for a replacement. You’ll pay significantly less to remove your Ray Ban lenses locally, or you could even enjoy getting it for free!