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How To Remove Scratches From Oakley Sunglasses - Ultimate Sunglasses

One of the many things that Oakley sunglasses are hugely popular for is their Iridium-coating. Applied to the lenses, this coating will significantly reduce the glare from the sun, while enhancing the contrast of what you’re seeing.

As useful as this feature is, you need to know that the extra protection layer is more delicate than you’d want it to be. Not that it will fade away on its own, but it doesn’t respond well to the contact with harsh surfaces.


How To Remove Scratches From Oakley Sunglasses

If, for whatever reasons, your Oakley sunglasses will get scratches on the Iridium-coated lenses, we get your desperation. Still, there might be a thing or two left for you to try. Delicate solutions for your delicate lenses, the suggestions from below are probably not what you were expecting.

Before we delve into details, an important note. Never ever use strong cleaning solutions on your Oakley lenses! Most likely, those solutions will affect the thin layer of Iridium. Instead, try any of the following options:

  • Warm soapy water;
  • Mild toothpaste;
  • Equal parts of baking soda and water.

Any of these might help you, provided you buff the scratch as gently as you can. Always wet the lenses, before you do the actual scratch removal, as dry lenses are more prone to extra deterioration.

With the lenses already wet, you can proceed to any of the solutions from above. Use a soft towel for the soapy water or for the baking soda paste, and a cotton ball if you want to try the mild toothpaste.

With the right instruments at hand, suffices to make a circular motion on the scratch, for up to 10 seconds, rinse the lenses, and repeat if necessary.

When you’re done, turn to the Microclear bag that you got when you ordered your Oakley sunglasses, to dry and clean up the lenses.