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How To Remove Scratches From Ray Ban Sunglasses - Ultimate Guide

Whether you carelessly leave them in your bag or drop them, the Ray Bans will eventually get a few scratches. It’s something that most people experience, sooner or later. But everyone will feel the same about it.

If you’re here, reading this, you’re looking at a pair of scratched Ray-Bans. You’re very upset and you’re concerned that you might have to buy a new pair. You’re wondering if there’s any way to remove scratches from Ray Ban sunglasses. The answer is yes. If the damage is bad, you can purchase some Ray Ban replacement lenses on Amazon.


How To Remove Scratches From Ray Ban Sunglasses - Ultimate Guide


Special polish for brass or silver – if you happen to have such a polish around your house, all you need is a cotton swab to apply it on the scratch. You’ll have to be patient, to take it gradually, and to remove any trace of excess polish. Using a cloth that doesn’t leave lint will be extremely helpful when it comes to removing the extra polish. But you should expect to have to repeat the process several times, until the scratch is reduced to a minimum.


Regular toothpaste – note that the emphasis here is on “regular”! Fancier toothpaste types, with whitening agents, mint flavors, abrasive particles or a gel composition will only do more harm to the lenses. So, the rule of thumb is that the simpler the toothpaste, the better it should be to help you remove the scratches from the Ray Bans. Now, with the right type of toothpaste at hand, apply a small amount on a cotton ball and rub it into the scratch in a gentle, circular motion. You’ll have to do so for about 10 seconds, then rinse with lots of water, and wipe it with a cloth without lint. Again, you might have to do it several times in a row.


A paste of baking soda – do not worry, the paste is really simple to make, since the other ingredient is plain water. You just make sure you combine it in a 1 to 2 parts of water to baking soda and give it a good stir. When the baking soda is well soaked, rub it onto the scratch with a cotton ball, for a few seconds. Remove the paste with water, pat the lens with a soft cloth, and check to see if you need to repeat.


Special car wax – if you have a car and used this type of wax before, you already know what to do. If not, do not fret, it’s super simple. Just apply a small amount on the lens and spread it in circular motions with a cloth. Pick a lint-free, clean cloth to remove the excess afterward, and repeat if necessary.


Special furniture spray – just like special car wax, special furniture spray has amazing filling properties. While the effect will be fast and obvious, it won’t last long. But if you’re willing to repeat it at every few days, go ahead and try it. Lightly spray the lenses with it, bring in a lint-less cloth to rub it, and when it’s all soaked into the scratch and cloth, check to see if you need to add just a bit more.

Not happy with the partial solutions from above? Here’s the best way to remove scratches from Ray Ban sunglasses:


Change the lenses with new ones

It may haven’t occurred to you, but replacing the lenses on your Ray Ban is quite easy and more affordable than you’d think. It’s the best, most effective method to regain the clarity of a brand-new pair without the hefty costs of a new pair. What’s more, you can get it by simply ordering a replace online, with absolutely no effort on your side! You can purchase some Ray Ban replacement lenses on Amazon.