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How To Repair Michael Kors Glasses

"Did your chic Michael Kors glasses just have a tragic accident?" If your answer's a distraught "yes", don't despair! Much like a beloved teddy bear's torn limb can be sewn back, most damages to designer eyewear can be fixed. So, instead of thinking about tossing them aside and dropping another pretty penny on a new pair, why not put on your DIY hat and follow our guide? Ready? Let’s mend those stylish spectacles!


Understanding The Damage: Is It Fixable?

Before diving into the tools and techniques, let's identify the problem, shall we? Think of your glasses like a riddle: before solving, you must understand the question!


Scratched Lenses

Oh, the heartbreak! Imagine your favorite song with a scratch in the middle. Feels interrupted, right? A scratched lens can feel the same. But can it be remedied?


Broken Frames

Frames can sometimes resemble brittle old bones. A drop, a mishandle, and snap! However, not all breaks are created equal.


Loose or Missing Screws

The unsung heroes of glasses! These tiny screws keep everything together. But what happens when they decide to go on an unplanned vacation?


Bent or Misshaped Frames

Sat on them? Slept with them on? We've all been there. These frames sometimes throw tantrums, refusing to fit as snugly as before.


The Toolbox: Your Glasses' Knight in Shining Armor!

Enter the world of DIY, and you'll realize every craft has its own toolkit. And repairing glasses is no different. Ever thought of your toolbox as a mini-hospital for your eyewear?


Essential Tools for Every Eyewear Enthusiast

  • Microfiber Cloth: The unsung hero of cleaning!
  • Precision Screwdriver Set: Think of these as the surgeons of the glasses world.
  • Clear Acrylic Nail Polish: Wait, what? Trust us on this one!
  • Rubbing Alcohol: The disinfectant your glasses didn’t know they needed.
  • Tweezers: Your best friend for handling those pesky tiny parts.


Time to Roll Up Those Sleeves: The Repair Process

Dealing with Scratched Lenses

Can a scar be beautiful? Maybe on rugged fictional heroes, but on lenses? Not so much. However, these unsightly marks can often be minimized:

  • Clean with a Microfiber Cloth: Always start with a clean canvas.
  • A Touch of Toothpaste: Non-gel, non-abrasive toothpaste can sometimes work wonders. Gently rub it on the scratch in a circular motion, then rinse with cool water.
  • Clear Nail Polish: A thin layer can fill in minor scratches. Allow to dry and then gently buff the excess.

Note: If scratches are too deep, consider replacing the lenses. Some battles, sadly, cannot be won.


Mending Broken Frames

Plastic or metal? Knowing the material is the first step!

  • For Plastic Frames: A bonding adhesive meant for plastics can be your savior. Clean the break, apply the adhesive, hold till set. However, be wary; it's a temporary fix.
  • For Metal Frames: A soldering iron might help. But if that sounds too technical, a trip to the optometrist might be in order.


Tightening or Replacing Screws

Remember our tiny heroes? Time to bring them back home!

  • Use the Precision Screwdriver: Tighten any loose screws gently.
  • Missing Screw?: Use your tweezers to place the new screw and tighten.


Reshaping Those Frames

Heat is our ally here. But remember, like cooking a delicate dish, too much or too little can spoil the show!

  • Warm Water for Plastic Frames: Dip them in for 20-30 seconds, then gently reshape.
  • Hair Dryer for Metal Frames: A gentle blast and careful reshaping can do the trick!


Post-Repair Care: Because Your Glasses Deserve Some TLC!

Cleaning and Maintenance

Regularly clean with a microfiber cloth. Occasional rub-downs with rubbing alcohol can keep them germ-free!


Safe Storage

Ever thought about the case as your glasses' cozy bedroom? Ensure they retire there every night.