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How To Repair Scratched Persol Sunglasses

Hey there! Are you a proud owner of a pair of stylish Persol sunglasses? Well, we all know how frustrating it can be when those pesky scratches start to appear on the lenses. But fear not! In this guide, I'll show you some simple yet effective methods to repair scratched Persol sunglasses, so you can keep rocking your shades with confidence. Let's dive right in!

1. Assess the Damage:
Before we jump into the repair process, it's important to assess the extent of the scratches on your Persol sunglasses. Are they minor surface scratches or deep gouges? This will help determine the best approach for fixing them. If you have bad damage, consider purchasing Persol replacement lenses from Amazon.

2. Gather Your Tools:
To repair your scratched Persol sunglasses, you'll need a few basic tools. Grab a microfiber cloth, some toothpaste (non-gel), baking soda, a soft-bristle toothbrush, and a lens cleaning solution. These items will come in handy throughout the repair process.

3. Clean the Lenses:
Before attempting any repairs, start by cleaning the lenses thoroughly. Use a lens cleaning solution or mild soap and water to remove any dirt or debris. Gently wipe the lenses with a microfiber cloth to avoid further scratching.

4. Toothpaste Method:
One popular DIY method for repairing minor scratches on sunglasses is using toothpaste. Apply a small amount of non-gel toothpaste to the scratched area. Using a soft-bristle toothbrush, gently rub the toothpaste in a circular motion for about 10-15 seconds. Rinse the lenses with water and wipe them clean. Repeat if necessary.

5. Baking Soda Method:
Another effective method for repairing minor scratches is using baking soda. Create a paste by mixing baking soda with water until it forms a thick consistency. Apply the paste to the scratched area and gently rub it in using a soft cloth. Rinse the lenses with water and wipe them clean. Repeat if needed.

6. Metal Polish Method:
For deeper scratches on your Persol sunglasses, you can try using a metal polish. Apply a small amount of metal polish to a soft cloth and gently rub it onto the scratched area. Be sure to follow the instructions on the metal polish product and avoid applying too much pressure. Rinse the lenses with water and wipe them clean.

7. Commercial Scratch Repair Kits:
If you're not confident in using household items for repair, you can opt for Persol scratch repair kits specifically designed for sunglasses. These kits typically include a solution and polishing pads. Follow the instructions provided with the kit for best results.

8. Prevention is Key:
Now that you've successfully repaired your scratched Persol sunglasses, it's important to take preventive measures to avoid future damage. Always store your sunglasses in a protective case when not in use, avoid placing them face-down on surfaces, and clean them regularly using a microfiber cloth.

9. Professional Repair:
If the scratches on your Persol sunglasses are too severe or you're unsure about attempting the repairs yourself, it's best to seek professional help. Many eyewear stores offer repair services, and they have the expertise to handle more complex repairs.

Congratulations! You've learned some handy methods to repair scratched Persol sunglasses. Whether you opt for the toothpaste, baking soda, metal polish, or commercial repair kit method, remember to start with a clean lens and proceed with caution. And don't forget, prevention is key to keeping your sunglasses scratch-free in the future. Now, go out there and enjoy the sun with your rejuvenated shades!