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How To Replace Oakley Lenses - Guide

Today we continue our explanation video series and offer helpful tips for how to fix Oakley glasses yourself. This is an iconic Oakley icon, no matter if you are a long-time Oakley fan or just getting to know the brand.

Many people are eager to learn how to change Oakley sunglasses lens. It is easy to do. Below are the steps. For a better understanding of how to replace Oakley glasses lenses, please refer below.

You've put a lot of miles on your Oakley favorites. It can be frustrating to fix scratched lenses but it is possible to replace Oakley lenses much easier than you might think. Glassestools offers a wide range of quality screws that will make your Oakley sunglasses look like new again, from the hard-to-find classics and new models. 


Customize Your Oakley Sunglasses

Glassestools offers easy solutions for your damaged lenses. You can also customize your Oakleys with a wide range of tints. They are limited edition and therefore only one per customer. Your Gascans can be made unique with your favorite colors. Your Feedbacks can be customized with a tint to enhance your game.

It's easy to swap your lenses in and you can even change the tints to your liking. They look great and have many options for clarity and glare reduction.