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How To Replace Ray Ban Aviator Lenses - Ultimate Guide

Are you feeling like making a change about your Ray-Ban Aviators? You don’t quite have the budget for an entirely new pair? Even a simple thing as replacing the scratched lenses with new ones, perhaps even of a new color, will make you feel like wearing completely new Ray-Bans. You can purchase Ray Ban Aviator replacement lenses from Amazon here. The process isn’t just affordable, but also pretty straightforward:

  1. Pick your new lenses from a trusty seller;
  2. Remove the old lenses;
  3. Insert the new lenses;
  4. Properly tighten the screws;
  5. Properly clean your lenses.


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Now that you have an idea of what to expect in the process, consider the following details:


At this stage, you’re probably wondering what it means to choose the right lens size. To kill the suspense, we should say that the Ray-Ban lenses come in three sizes – 47, 50, 54 – and that you need to determine what size you have on yours.

If you don’t have the papers from your original purchase, you could go to an optical shop and you should easily get your answer in there. Just as easily, you could check an online diagram to spot the exact numbers for Style # and for Lens Size.

Once you get back home, knowing exactly what style and lens size you need, you can purchase the replacement lenses that you really need. Now, are you ready to do it?


The easy & quick way to replace the lenses on the Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator frames

With everything required to remove and install the lenses on your Ray-Ban Rb3025 Aviators, follow these exact steps:

  • Loosen the frame by partially unscrewing the tiny hinge screws;
    • This is the part where you use the Phillips screwdriver;
    • And you must first identify the two screws from the top of the temple, a front and a back one;
    • The emphasis at this stage is on the “partially”, because you really don’t want to completely unscrew it. You just want to loosen it enough to allow the frame to pop out;
  • Use your thumbs to pop out the lenses after you’ve partially unscrewed the hinge screws;
  • Bring the new lenses and place them inside the old frame;
    • You should begin from the area that will sit next to the nose on the frame;
  • Use a gentle but firm push to make the outer edge of the lens to slide into the groove;
  • Keep adding pressure on the rest of the lens, to make it completely fit the groove;
    • Once the lens ends up flush with the frame, you can be sure it is properly secured;
  • Grab the screwdriver again and retighten the screws from the hinge, without overdoing it;
    • You can stop the moment you start feeling some sort of resistance;
  • Finally, repeat the installation steps for the second lens;
  • Use eyeglasses cleaner spray and a special cloth to rub the lenses, on both sides, with a firm side-to-side motion.


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There you go! Now you have replaced your Ray Ban aviator lenses.