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How To Replace Temples On Prada Sunglasses

Ever danced under the sun, feeling on top of the world with your Prada sunglasses on? Ah, yes, the exquisite embrace of those designer sun-blockers! But what happens when your cherished temples decide to part ways with the main frame? Don't fret! Instead of buying a brand new pair, why not give DIY a chance?


Why Even Bother Replacing the Temples?

Before you toss your beloved shades, consider this. Just because the arm (or temple) of your sunglasses has snapped doesn't mean its sun-blocking days are over. Think of it like a car tire; would you discard the entire car because of a punctured tire?


Benefits of a Quick Fix

  • Saves Money: Why splurge on a brand new pair?
  • Environmentally Friendly: Reduce, reuse, recycle ring any bells?
  • DIY Pride: Because fixing stuff feels darn good!


Spotting the Signs of a Weary Temple

First things first, how do you even know if you need a new temple? Sometimes, it's not a glaringly obvious snap. Like a puzzle, let's piece together the clues.


Signs That Your Temple Needs Replacement

  • Loose Hinge: Does it swing more freely than a child on a swing set?
  • Visible Cracks: Tiny fissures that spell impending doom.
  • Mismatched Pair: Did one temple decide to change its color? Oxidation might be at play!


Gathering Your Essentials

Imagine trying to paint without a brush? Impossible, right? Similarly, replacing the temples on your Prada sunglasses requires a particular set of tools.


Tools of the Trade


Let's Get Down to Business!

Removal - Out with the Old

  • Position: Lay your sunglasses on a soft, clean cloth. Don't want any unwanted scratches, do we?
  • Locate the Screw: It's usually on the underside of the hinge.
  • Gently Turn: Use your screwdriver to turn anti-clockwise. It's like unlocking a treasure chest, but trickier!


Installation - In with the New

  • Align the New Temple: Like fitting a key into a lock.
  • Secure the Screw: Turn clockwise this time. Righty-tighty, remember?
  • Test the Fit: Swing it a bit. Does it feel firm and secure?


After-Care: Loving Your Newly Fitted Temples

Cleaning Ritual

A speck of dust on your Prada? Oh, the horror! Keep them spotless with a gentle wipe down using the cleaning solution and cloth.

Safe Storage

Ever thought of your sunglasses case as its palace? It's where your Pradas rest and recuperate. Use it!


Things to Watch Out For

Beware of Cheap Imitations

Remember, not all temples are created equal. Ensure you're getting genuine Prada parts. Would you wear a Gucci belt with a Walmart buckle? I think not!

Know When to Seek Professional Help

Stuck at some step? Or feeling out of your depth? There's no shame in seeking expert help. Sometimes, it's better to leave it to the pros.


Conclusion: Shine On, You Prada Diamond!

And voila! You've successfully replaced the temples on your Prada sunglasses. Not only have you saved money, but you've also stretched the lifespan of your precious shades. So, next time you are sipping on a mojito by the pool, let your sunglasses do some of the flaunting. Because, hey, they've been through a makeover, and they deserve to shine!