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How To Spot Fake Coach Sunglasses

Ah, sunglasses! Those magical accessories that don't just shield our precious peepers from the sun but also make us look like Hollywood A-listers on the prowl. And when it comes to brand names, Coach stands out like a shining star. But hold on there, fashionista! Are you sure your Coach sunglasses are the real deal?


The Mystery of the Counterfeit Coach

Ever bought a goldfish, thinking it was a miniature golden whale, only to discover it was, well, just a goldfish? No? Just me then. But imagine that feeling and apply it to sunglasses. Devastating, right?

Why Do People Make Fakes?

Money, honey! Counterfeiting is a multi-billion dollar industry. A fake Coach might cost $5 to make and can be sold for $50, while the real deal might retail for $250 or more. Do the math!

The Attraction of Coach

Why are Coach sunglasses so desirable? Is it the unique design? The impeccable quality? Or is it that little feeling of luxury we get when we wear them? Let's just say it's a cocktail of all three.


Your Eyewear Detective Kit

Before we deep-dive, arm yourself with:

  • Your existing Coach sunglasses (if you have a pair).
  • A magnifying glass: To spot the minute details.
  • Patience: Because every great detective needs it!


Clues to Uncover the Truth

Ready to transform into an eyewear detective? Let's unravel the mystery.

The Logo Lowdown

Location, Location, Location

Ever heard the saying, "It's all about location"? This couldn't be truer for Coach logos. Authentic Coach sunglasses have their logo neatly etched on the lens and imprinted on the temple. If it's skewed, smeared, or just seems off, it's probably a fake.

Color Coherence

Did you know Coach logos have specific colors? If you spot a neon green or electric blue Coach logo, raise an eyebrow. Coach keeps it classy, not flashy.


Check the Hardware

The Hinges

Real Coach sunglasses have sturdy, high-quality metal hinges. If they're flimsy, or look like they might snap any moment, chances are they're imposters.

Screw Quality

Ever thought about the screws? Real Coach sunglasses have high-quality screws that don't rust or easily come loose. If the screw looks cheap or easily wiggles, consider it a red flag.


Quality of Materials

Lens Quality

If you're squinting more than usual or the world looks a bit "off", chances are the lenses aren't up to par. Authentic Coach lenses offer clear, UV-protected vision.

Frame Finishing

A genuine Coach frame feels smooth and luxurious to the touch. Rough edges or an uneven finish? Probably not a Coach.


Packaging Speaks Volumes

The Case

Every authentic Coach comes with a high-quality protective case. A cheap or flimsy case is a telltale sign of a counterfeit.

Information Booklet

Genuine Coach sunglasses come with a detailed information booklet. No booklet or a hastily printed one? Think twice.


The Price Tag

Ever heard the adage, "If it's too good to be true, it probably is?" Well, if someone's selling Coach sunglasses for a steal, it might just be that: a steal of your hard-earned cash for a fake.


Trust Your Gut

The Intuitive Feel

Sometimes, intuition is the best tool. Does something just not feel right? Trust that feeling.


Why Bother?

"But why all this fuss?" you ask. Because darling, authentic products aren't just about brand names. They're about quality, durability, and getting what you pay for. And besides, don't you want the real golden whale and not just a goldfish?


Wrapping It Up

Just like you wouldn't want fake friends, you wouldn't want fake sunglasses, right? So, the next time you're out shopping, remember these tips. Play detective and ensure your Coach sunglasses are genuine. After all, why settle for a mere imitation when you can have the real deal? And if you ever spot a neon green Coach logo? Well, now you'll know better!