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How To Stop Fogging Glasses - Guide

These are some tips to help prevent your glasses from steaming up or fogging.

The worst thing about wearing glasses in winter is the constant fogging of your glasses when you move from warm to cold environments. This is a common problem for people who have certain jobs or hobbies such as chefs, cooks, and cyclists, or those who exercise intensely.

You don't have to suffer silently, there are 7 easy tips that will stop your glasses fogging up!


Tip #1: Use anti-fog sprays or wipes

It is important to keep your glasses clean, and you might consider investing in anti-fog lenses wipes during winter to prevent them from getting steamy while you are doing important tasks outside. While the wipes won’t last forever, they can be helpful in avoiding some awkward moments.


Tip #2: Use shaving foam in a small amount

You can polish your lenses with a small amount of shaving foam if you don't have anti-fog wipes or sprays. It should dry completely before you buffer off any excess. This will create a protective layer on your glasses that can withstand heat and cold. People have claimed that shaving foam lasts longer than anti-fog products, and works better than shaving cream.


Tip #3: Use a bar soap

A great tip is to use a little bit of soapy liquid to clean your lenses. Allow the soap to sit for a few minutes before wiping off with a cloth. This will create a transparent layer that protects your specs against the elements, just like the shaving foam.


Tip #4: Choose glasses that are far away from your face

Glasses fogging is caused by a lack of circulation in extreme cold and hot climates. To increase circulation, choose prescription glasses that are far away from your face.


Tip #5: Make them water repellent

Rain repellent spray can be purchased at bike shops to protect your glasses lenses. These spray bottles can be quite bulky so ensure you have enough space in your bag or car to store them.


Tip #6: Buy anti-fog glasses for sports

It's not good to have your glasses cloudy while you enjoy your favorite winter sport. It can not only obstruct your view, make your experience less enjoyable, but can also be dangerous.


Tip #7 - Consider contact lenses

Winter contact lenses are great and can be avoided. You can avoid dry eye syndrome by carrying eye drops throughout the day if you are concerned.