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How To Stop Glasses From Sliding Down Nose - Guide

These are some tips to help prevent your glasses falling down.

There is nothing worse than glasses falling down while you are working on a computer or reading a book. Then, when you get home, your index finger has to be pressed against the bridge of your glasses.

There could be many reasons why your glasses are falling down on your face. There are many reasons why your spectacles may be falling down. These are just a few of the great tips we have. Although it may take some trial and error, these tips could end all your spectacle-slipping woes.


Tip #1 - Hair bands / hair ties

This is a great solution that's affordable and works well for those whose ears are a bit lower. Hair bands and hair ties will add a little height to the specs, so that they are at an appropriate level for your eyes. 

It'll feel tighter on your head, and it won't move. You won't be annoyed by it moving and you won't get super annoyed at having to raise your glasses every second. "


Tip #2 - Oil free moisturiser

If you use moisturisers or oily makeup, mattifying your skin can help keep your glasses in place. Regularly washing your face with a cleanser will keep it clean and reduce sebum production. There are many great products to help oily skin. These include blotting paper, natural clay masks and lemon and other citrus fruit as natural cleansers. Your glasses will last longer if your skin isn't oily.


Tip #3: Adjust temples using Polyolefin

You don't need to be intimidated by the heat gun shown in this video. It's possible to also use a strong hairdryer (around 70%C). Most DIY shops sell heat guns for as little as 14.99. Polyolefin, which is heat shrink tubing, contracts to about 50% when heated. It will also create another layer to adjust the size your temples. This is a great hack for people with small faces or narrow ears. For a step-by-step tutorial, check out the video from the Tested Youtubers


Tip #4: Bend your temples to make them fit

Similar to tip 3, you can use a heat gun for plastic glasses or a hairdryer. To make the temple arms more curvy, heat them and bend them carefully. This will create a more secure fit. With a pair or pliers, you can do the same with metal frames.


Risk Notice:
All of these tips should be used at your own risk. Any item that requires heat or customization of your glasses will render them unreturnable/unconditional. These hacks were sourced from bloggers, vloggers and other online content creators. While we hope these hacks will help you find a better fit for glasses, they are not guaranteed to work 100%.