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Oakley Fives: History And Differences Of The Models

A Generational Breakdown

There will be confusion when you have 6 styles of sunglasses that share the same name. This confusion is made worse by the fact that "Five" (and only Five) is stamped on most frames. Owners mistakenly believe they only own Fives. They probably don't. They are more likely to own Fives 2.0 or Fives 3.0, Fives squared, Fives 4.0, or Fives 2.0. This number is crucial when it comes to ordering the right pair of sunglasses replacement lenses.

This guide will help you identify the differences between Oakley Fives. You might not have a Five if you are trying to figure out which type of Oakley sunglasses you own. It happens more often than you might think. The differences between models can be subtle, and photos on the internet may not always reflect the actual model. We will be able to help you determine the cause of the problem by comparing the model description with the pictures.


Oakley Fives

The Fives were specifically designed for smaller faces and were released as the second member in the Frogskins family in April 1997. Oakley-style, the Fives were described in a sales catalog as "our Fives use condensed-cranial geometry for a custom fit on smaller faces."

The frames are smaller in size and have dimples running two-thirds down the stems. The Fives' stems are more curvy than Oakley's other lifestyle frames of the time. This causes the frames to hug the head and face much like a sport-style frame.

These frames can be mistaken for Fives 2.0. These are the things you need to know to distinguish between them.

  • The Oakley frames had not yet received the true metal icon in 1997. The original Fives featured a molded plastic icon.
  • The Fives 2.0 hinges bend in a sharp circle around the icon, while the Fives' are straight. This difference is easily seen when the sunglasses are closed.


You can also mix the Fives with the Oakley Tens which are larger. You can identify which pair you have by looking at the stamp inside the frame, above the nose bridge. It will either bear a roman number five (a "V") over the top or a roman number 10 (an "X") over the top.


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Fives 2.0

Fives 2.0 was introduced in November 2001. Fives 2.0 has received some updates. The Fives 2.0 also featured a true metal icon and were made of Oakley's O-Matter. These frames are also different from previous models in that they have a slope from the orbitals' bottom to the stems.

Fives 2.0's outer edges are duller than Fives 2.0's. Fives 2.0's corners are rounder. If you place your finger on the corner's inside edge, you will feel a slight indentation that curves upwards towards stems.

The Oakley Five logo is stamped inside the nose bridge of the Fives 2.0. This is a stylized roman number five (the letter V), with the "FIVE" above it.


XS Fives

The XS Fives, which were released in 2003, were designed to be children's sunglasses. They are smaller versions of the Fives. These frames were smaller in size and had perforations at their ends to allow for a strap. They also have no dimples and an altered orbital shape. The XS Fives feature a hump at top of the orbital, rather than a straight line from the bridge to temples. The inside temple is engraved with the words "XS Fives".


Fives 3.0

Oakley continued the Five series with an updated look in 2006, when Oakley released the Fives 3.0. Although the Fives 3.0 are roughly the same size as Fives 2.0, that isn't the end of the similarities.

For a more rectangular appearance, the 3.0s ditch the round-eye look in favor of a more rectangular one. The Five 2.0s' thin, curved stems were replaced by stems that are longer at the temple, taper to a thinner stem about one-third of its length, and flare slightly at the tips. They are the third edition, but the XS Fives were not included. Only "Five" is inscribed into the temple.

The Fives 3.0 were initially intended to be a smaller version the Gascan. However, Oakley decided to make them a continuation of Fives and introduce a new iteration of Gascan S.


Fives Squared

Oakley made a minor update to its Fives range in December 2008. The Fives Squared frames are identical to the Fives 3.0, with the same specs and style. But not all. The name of the Squared frame is derived from the icon found on the Squared frames. Oakley changed their logo from a round O to a square O. The inside of the stem was also stamped with (4+1),2, meaning "Five Squared".

Oakley also released an update to the model in 2013. Oakley added unobtanium nosepieces to address concerns about frames sliding on the skin from sweat.

All five sizes of Fives Squared and Fives Squared lenses can be used with the Fives 3.0. 


Fives 4.0

The Fives 2.0 and Fives 3.0 can be combined to create the Fives 4.0. Although the 4.0s retain the same rectangular orbitals as the Fives 3.0, they are slightly smaller and more rounded at the edges. For this generation of Fives, the Fives 2.0's thinner earstems were reintroduced.

Even though they are thin, Fives 4.0 are more distinctive than earlier generations. The stems feature a small Oakley true-metal icon and sit at the stem's front end. Each stem also has an Oakley O inscribed at the tip. The temple's inside is engraved with "Five".

These were not technically released as Fives 4.0s unlike the 2.0s or 3.0s. They are often referred to simply as the Oakley Fives 4.0s to maintain consistency and avoid confusion.


Except as noted, the lenses of each generation cannot be interchanged. You will need lenses that are specifically designed for Fives 2.0. You will also need lenses for Asian Fit frames.