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Oakley M2 Vs Oakley XL Vs Oakley Frame: Differences Between Them

Comparison of the Lenses For Oakley M2 & M Frame

The M2 is the latest addition to the long-standing M Frame dynasty. It's a modern take on the classic style. The M2 was introduced by Oakley in 2014. It came with one lens shape.

The new M2 lens shape is a hybrid of the 4 existing M Frame lens styles. It's not for everyone. The M2 lens is not suitable for cyclists. They feel that the shorter lens doesn't offer enough coverage when riding downhills with whipping winds. Oakley responded to this feedback by introducing the XL lens for M2 in fall 2015.

Below is a list of the specifications of these lenses, along with a comparison to previous M Frame lenses so that you can better understand which size lens may be best for you. The M2 frame is only one size. Both the standard and XL lenses can be interchanged within the M2s. 


Here's a guide to help you compare M Frames to M2s.


M2 Lenses Specifications

Although specs can be helpful, it can sometimes be difficult to see how these numbers relate to the way the lenses fit on the face. These are front and profile photos of each style as seen on an actual person.


M2 vs M Frame

The M2 lenses shouldn't be placed in the M Frames because they are wider. It is possible to fit them in the frame but it can cause some problems.

  1. This puts additional stress on the lens and frame. The added stress can cause lenses and frames to crack.
  2. You may find that the frame is not as comfortable as it used to be due to the extra pressure.
  3. This can cause distortion by changing the lens' wrap. For optimal vision, the lenses are designed with a particular base curve. If you try to fit a lens that isn't technically correct, it will cause distortion.


While you might be able fit M Frame lenses into the M2s without any problems, I don't recommend it. The fit is very loose and lenses will pop out if there's any impact.