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Ray Ban Aviators' History - Everything You Should Know

Ray-Ban Aviators is undoubtedly the most famous sunglass model. Ray-Bans were originally designed to protect the eyes of US pilots from the sun's glare when they fly at high altitudes. They have been worn by many celebrities and the wealthy. Ray-Ban Aviators are still a timeless design icon with an undeniable cult following. Today, sunglasses in aviator-style can be made by many companies. We are delighted to share this fascinating history with you.


The story starts

Ray-Ban Aviators were invented in 1929. This was a time when technology advancements enabled pilots to fly higher than ever before. This brought with it a unique challenge. Pilots discovered that the intense light from the above clouds caused them to have difficulty seeing, resulting in a decrease in visibility, blinding headaches and potentially fatal altitude sickness.

It was urgent that a solution be found. A Colonel John A Macready, a US Army Air Corp pilot, rose to the occasion. He approached Bausch & Lomb in New York to collaborate on a new design of sunglasses, which would become Ray-Ban Aviators.


Superior eye protection

The military contracted the first production of aviator-style sunglasses in 1935. The first sunglasses were made of lightweight plastic and had slim arms. They also featured an elegant design that was far better than the standard-issue goggles.

Original Ray-Ban green lenses were created to reduce the glare of the sun and not obscure vision. These lenses, with their iconic teardrop shape and convex lens design, provided maximum eye coverage. This prevented light from affecting pilots' vision from all angles. Sunglass lenses that were initially developed for anti-glare were also designed. This was instead of polarization. It's because polarized sunglasses block reflection. A pilot's safety could be at risk if they don't see any light reflected from another aircraft.


The military and the general public use it

Ray-Bans was established in 1936 as the civilian division of Bausch and Lomb. In 1937 the first Ray-Ban Aviators went on sale to the public. The sunglasses were advertised in early advertisements as providing "real scientific protection", and a variety of lenses and designs that could be used for different sports, such as fishing and golf.

In 1939, Ray-Ban Aviators was redesigned with lighter wireframes. In 1941, the original military model was replaced by the improved "Comfort Cable" version of the flying sunglasses. These were made in large numbers for sailors and pilots.

They became a standard military issue in World War II, when they were made popular by an iconic photo of General Douglas MacArthur wearing them as he touched down in the Philippines on a beach. As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words. When everyone saw the act of flying, Aviators were inextricably linked with that same sense patriotic feeling.


These sunglasses are to be seen

In the United States, thousands of Ray-Ban Aviators from military surplus were sold after the war. They were quickly embraced as fashion items that were stylish and functional. This was despite the harsh realities of war. The public loved and admired pilots at this time for their contribution to winning the war. Ray-Ban Aviators were a symbol of a hero. The frames were more than just a symbol of improved sight. They also evoke freedom and the spirit that won the war. It's no wonder that frames like these are so popular.

Ray-Ban Aviators continued to be popular after the war. They were even more popular in the 1950s and 1960s, when military fashion was still very fashionable. You might be surprised to know that Ray-Ban's first ad campaigns featured Che Guevara, the revolutionary. Robert Redford, a film star, made Ray-Ban Aviators the signature look of his Hollywood years. This helped to keep Aviators in the limelight and ensured their iconic status and lasting reputation. They are still the best sunglasses.


Ray-Ban Aviators rise to fame

Ray-Ban Aviators are a classic from the 1950s. They are still favored by the military and police but have also been featured on many famous faces. Think Sean Penn, David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson. Julia Roberts, a 'Pretty Woman' has worn her aviators for decades. Michael Jackson wore them to the 1984 Grammys. Who can forget Tom Cruise, who wore shades in "Top Gun", making them seem cool to all who saw the movie.

In addition, every season, top designers such as Stella McCartney, Gucci and Miu Miu release new creations that feature their unique take on the original Aviator sunglass design. This is proof that Aviators are still very popular, as well as proof that Ray-Ban Aviator replacement lens are always in high demand.

Ray-Ban Aviators are a timeless design icon for many reasons. Ray-Ban Aviators are not only about their classic, bold style. It's also about the ideas of quality and innovation that they embody. Although they were originally made for military use, the same spirit was adopted by us when they became available.


Ray-Ban Aviator replacement lenses

Ray-Ban Aviators are unique and cool. They exude an unorthodox spirit that can withstand the test of time. It's worth investing in replacement lenses for Aviators that get scratched or damaged. Their classic frames are still as durable as ever.