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Ray Ban Lenses: Learn How To Remove Lenses From Ray Bans

Are you looking at your Ray-Ban replacement lens but not sure what to make of it? This article will help you understand your options for removing those lenses. Next, we will show you step-by-step how to remove the lenses and place the new ones. We have included additional tips and information on Ray-Ban replacement parts in our replacement guide.



  • For an efficient operation, first position the Ray-Ban sunglasses.
    • The lenses should be facing you, and the arms in the opposite direction.
  • To avoid it snapping, you need to place your fingers around the lens.
    • Your thumbs should be at the end of each lens. Then, use your other fingers for support in the area where the nosepiece is and the corner of your frame.
  • Press the thumbs gently, but firmly, to release the lens from the frame.
    • Your other fingers should keep a light pressure on the lens while you wait.
  • Once you have removed one lens, continue the same steps with the other lens.



  • Move the frames in the direction you want, and then bring the arms towards you.
  • Place the new lens in the frame.
  • Place your fingers all around the frame.
  • Keep your thumbs on the side.
  • You can press the button once you have the mirror position that you had when you first removed your old lens.
  • The lens will enter the groove of your frame by applying the same gentle, firm pressure.
  • For the second lens, repeat the steps.


Additional tips to remove Ray Ban lenses by yourself or with professional help

It's a simple process of pressing the lens into the groove of the frame. It might be easier to heat the frame before you take out the lenses. If you run the hot water from the faucet for about one minute, it can do wonders.

The frame will be more flexible and less likely to sustain damage by heat. It will allow the frame to be more flexible, which in turn means that the lenses can be used more easily. It will make the frame more flexible and safer, as you won't have to use excessive force.

One thing we didn't mention is that Ray-Ban replacement lenses can be purchased online. However, you should avoid paying the seller for replacement services. The replacement costs for lenses are often very high.

You can order replacement lenses online, or visit a local optician to request a replacement. It will cost you significantly less to replace your Ray Ban lenses locally. You could even get it free of charge!