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Salt Water: How to Care For Mirrored Lenses

You've probably worn your mirrored lenses out on the water, or at the beach. If they weren't properly maintained, they could get damaged. Your sunglasses' viability and safety are at risk when you're near salt water. These tips will help you keep your sunglasses safe while you are at the beach or near saltwater.



Any sunglass lens can be damaged by salt water, particularly mirrored lenses. Salt water can cause damage to most mirror coatings, especially if they are made from metal. Salt water can accelerate the process of metals, finishes, and varnishes being decomposed. Combining salt water with oxygen, moisture and salt can cause lenses to corrode 5 times faster than normal water. Keep in mind that different models and coatings react differently when exposed to salt water. Salt water is a particularly challenging environment for coatings like anti-reflective ones. They are highly affected by the water's decomposition characteristics.

The ions in salt water can cause the coatings to peel. However, small scratches and cracks could be caused by salt and sand in the water. Do you remember that feeling you get when you go to the beach and feel the salty water on your skin? This could also be true for your lenses. Salt can cause irreversible damage to your lenses if it gets on them and dries down.

What can you do to prevent damage?

Proper care can vary from lens to lens. However, it is important to ensure that your lenses are rinsed under running water to remove dirt, salt, and other debris. Your lenses and sunglasses will come with care instructions. These should be followed when cleaning your lenses. To ensure that your lenses are clean and free from dirt or debris, you need to blow them on the surface. You can then rinse them under running water. There are three methods you can protect your lenses from damage.


Use water to clean

Water is the easiest and best way to get rid of dirt, oil, and smudges. In case of salt, sand, or dirt, rinse your lenses thoroughly before rubbing.



Lens Cleaners

Be cautious with alcohol-based lens cleaners. These cleaners can slowly cause damage to your lenses' coatings. It is best to only purchase cleaners that are approved or manufactured by the manufacturer of your lenses.

Lens Cases

Protecting your lenses and sunglasses from damage is the best way to protect them. This is the best way to prevent dirt and scratches from building up on your lenses. Sunglasses should not be exposed to extreme heat or cold as they can cause damage to the lenses.


The best way to protect your lens coatings is to wash them with clean water after you have removed the salt water. The best way to get rid of salt water from your lenses and prevent damage is to rinse them with clean water before wiping them off.

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