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The Cost Of Repairing Persol Sunglasses

Hey there, sunglasses enthusiasts! We all know how important a good pair of shades can be, not just for protecting our eyes from the harsh sun but also for making a fashion statement. When it comes to quality and style, Persol sunglasses are hard to beat. But what happens when your beloved Persol shades get damaged? In this blog post, we'll dive into the world of repairing Persol sunglasses and explore the cost associated with it. So, buckle up and let's get started!


1. The Importance of Sunglasses:

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of repairing Persol sunglasses, let's take a moment to appreciate the importance of wearing sunglasses. Apart from adding a touch of style to your outfit, sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, reduce the risk of cataracts, and prevent eye strain. So, investing in a good pair of sunglasses is always a wise choice.


2. The Durability of Persol Sunglasses:

Persol sunglasses are known for their exceptional craftsmanship and durability. However, accidents happen, and even the sturdiest sunglasses can get damaged. Whether it's a scratched lens, a loose hinge, or a broken frame, knowing how to repair your Persol sunglasses can save you from the heartbreak of parting ways with your favorite shades.


3. DIY Repairs:

If you're a handy person and feel confident in your DIY skills, you might be tempted to repair your Persol sunglasses yourself. While some minor repairs like tightening screws or replacing nose pads can be done at home, it's crucial to proceed with caution. Remember, Persol sunglasses are a valuable investment, and mishandling the repair process could potentially worsen the damage.


4. Professional Repair Services:

When it comes to more complex repairs or if you're not comfortable fixing your sunglasses yourself, it's best to seek professional help. Many optical stores and sunglasses retailers offer repair services for various brands, including Persol. These professionals have the necessary expertise and tools to handle intricate repairs and ensure your sunglasses are restored to their former glory.


5. Types of Repairs and Associated Costs:

The cost of repairing Persol sunglasses can vary depending on the type and extent of the damage. Here are some common repairs and their associated costs:


5.1 Lens Replacement:

If your lenses are scratched, cracked, or damaged beyond repair, replacing them is often the best solution. The cost of lens replacement can range from $50 to $150, depending on the lens material, prescription requirements, and any additional coatings you opt for.


5.2 Frame Repair:

Whether it's a broken hinge, a snapped arm, or a loose frame, repairing the frame of your Persol sunglasses is crucial to their functionality and aesthetics. The cost of frame repair can vary significantly, starting from around $30 for minor fixes to $100 or more for major repairs or replacements.


5.3 Nose Pad Replacement:

Nose pads play a vital role in ensuring a comfortable fit for your sunglasses. If your nose pads are worn out or damaged, replacing them is relatively inexpensive, typically ranging from $10 to $30.


5.4 Temple Tip Replacement:

Temple tips, the ends of the arms that rest on your ears, can wear out over time, leading to discomfort and an unstable fit. Replacing temple tips usually costs around $20 to $40, depending on the material and design.


6. Warranty Coverage:

Before you rush to get your Persol sunglasses repaired, it's worth checking if they are still covered under warranty. Persol offers a two-year warranty against manufacturing defects, which may cover certain repairs or replacements. However, keep in mind that warranty coverage may not extend to accidental damage or normal wear and tear.


7. Timeframe for Repairs:

The time it takes to repair your Persol sunglasses can vary depending on the complexity of the repair and the availability of replacement parts. Simple repairs like lens replacement or tightening screws can often be done on the spot, while more intricate repairs may take a few days or weeks. It's best to inquire about the timeframe when you drop off your sunglasses for repair.


8. Prevention is Better Than Repair:

While it's good to know the cost of repairing Persol sunglasses, prevention is always better than repair. Taking proper care of your sunglasses, storing them in a protective case when not in use, and cleaning them with a microfiber cloth can go a long way in prolonging their lifespan and reducing the need for repairs.



Repairing your beloved Persol sunglasses doesn't have to break the bank. Whether you opt for DIY repairs or seek professional assistance, understanding the cost associated with repairing Persol sunglasses can help you make informed decisions. Remember, investing in quality sunglasses is an investment in your eye health and style, so taking care of them is well worth it. So, keep rocking those Persols and enjoy the sun in style!